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New Title: Special Alloy Strengthens Big Metal Castings
Model Y | Engineering From First Principles

Tesla’s Model Y has proven itself as the company’s most popular model. Perhaps more significantly, it was revealed that in the first quarter of 2021 the electric crossover became the world’s best-selling auto, with an astounding tally of 267,200 vehicles sold throughout the world.

Tesla has proven to be highly successful with their Model Y. Whether they implemented a powerful word-of-mouth strategy or worked hard constructing the car, the massive sales numbers of the vehicle suggest that it has been well-received by the public. There’s no doubt their efforts have paid off.

This is where the video in question comes into effect. It is Lars Moravy, the vehicle engineering VP of the company, who summarises with great detail what made this crossover electric vehicle such a success.

Titled “Engineering from Fundamental Principles,” the video, which lasts for two and a half minutes, highlights how many individuals are passionate about crossovers and why they have excellent storage space and utility. However, when Tesla created the Model Y, the idea of what a conventional crossover SUV should be was totally challenged.

The Tesla Model Y has earned itself the designation of “Off-Road Mode” with its torque vectoring capabilities that advance the car over rougher terrains via brake application to tires lacking grip. Of course, this auto is not top of mind when considering an off-road experience, yet it’s good to know it still possesses the technical aptitude for such a journey.

Moravy further expresses that at Tesla, they habitually use the rudimentary principles method to come up with trailblazing solutions to straightforward issues.

The cost-efficiency and decreased processing times attained through metal casting for the rear of a vehicle have become extremely significant. According to Lars Moravy, an obstacle with producing hefty pieces of aluminium is that they tend to twist over during heat treatment.

The answer was to create a novel alloy that can acquire elevated levels of durability and mightiness without requiring heat-treating in large furnaces. Moreover, this novel alloy retains its straightness.

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Source: Tesla (YouTube)

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