Uniform Porsche Fleet Dazzles in Single Color

Ron Goodman: Ex-NASCAR Driver and Collector

It may not be as awe-inspiring as the White Collection, however, Ron Goodman’s collection of Porsches that are all painted a unique shade of grey is quite extraordinary. Being a car collector and professional racing driver based in Australia, Goodman formerly took part in NASCAR racers. All his vehicles feature his trademark shade of Goodman grey livery alongside special body graphics. Seemingly never ending his stockpile is only going to get bigger soon, with an additional 911 GT3 RS, loaded with aerodynamic properties, being included next year.

Hidden Porsche Collection in Sydney: The Most Unique I've Ever Seen

As reported by the auto enthusiast, the majority of his rides are race-focused and active – commencing with the base model of the Porsche 911 (aka the 912) right up to the 996 Cup Car – which first boasted water cooled engines. Additionally, he has a sight-catching 914 coated in the famed Marlboro livery presently being constructed using a hefty Cayman motor.

Goodman’s passion for Porsches drove him to construct a Porsche 906, the marque’s answer to the Ferrari 206 Dino. He crafted the car from the ground up, only procuring “a heap of original parts.”

If that were not evidence enough of his ardor for Porsche, he acquired a Porsche tractor. Yet he has declined to paint over it in his signature color so as to maintain its original look.

Additionally, there are also several models of non-Porsches parked in the garage. One of these is a 1996 Ford Mustang supplied with an air filter tagged by Carroll Shelby. Furthermore, a 1969 Merlyn Formula Ford is joined to the compilation of cars that are only meant to be driven on a race track. Both vehicles are decorated in Goodman grey.

Located in the land of Australia, you may still have the opportunity to view some of the pieces owned by Goodman at the Rennsport Reunion. With an uncommon and uniform look, his Porsches will be instantly identifiable.

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