Unveiling the 2024 Porsche Boxster EV: A Sneak Peek with Less Camo for 2025

Unveiled: Stuttgart’s camo-free EV, overshadowed by the mighty Taycan.

The skilled shutterbugs at CarBuzz are consistently helping vendors of gloves and scarves stay in the black with their latest snaps of the 2025 Porsche Boxster EV from the 983 generation. These exclusive photos showcase the updated model undergoing testing with minimal camouflage, providing a closer look than we’ve had thus far.

There is a popular joke that pokes fun at the fact that all 911s and 718s have a similar appearance. However, is this truly a negative aspect? For those who have invested a large sum of money in a new Porsche – with the new Taycan reaching prices over $300k – it is important for the brand to be easily recognizable. By maintaining the familiar design and technology in their electric counterparts, it becomes much easier for people to make the switch to an electric vehicle.

The recently revamped 2025 Taycan has successfully addressed many of our aesthetic concerns regarding Porsche’s strategy for electrifying their iconic models. As anticipated, the results are quite impressive for this attractive vehicle.

The initial models were equipped with sham exhaust tips, but those have since been discarded and the cover on the headlights has been removed, finally revealing their design. As expected, they bear a striking resemblance to the taillights seen on the latest Taycan and slightly older 2025 Macan Electric.

Porsche’s test engineers continue to conceal parts of the taillight bar with tape at the rear of their vehicles. However, the design of their upcoming electric sedan and crossover provide hints about what can be expected. The overall style will likely remain unchanged but with slightly smaller proportions.

It is yet to be determined whether the combustion model (both will be available simultaneously) will eventually take on this appearance. Porsche has stated that the current 982 will still be sold when the 983 is launched, unless regulations dictate otherwise. With ongoing doubts surrounding these regulations, it may be feasible to prolong the lifespan of the 982 until revamped aesthetics become absolutely essential. This also applies to the Macan.

Once again, let us turn our attention to the Taycan. At present, its presence poses no threat to the Panamera with its combustion engine, which gives us reason to believe in a prolonged existence of the gas-powered 718 lineup. The Macan follows suit as well. Until Porsche officially announces a new iteration of these antiquated models, we can only be sure that the electric versions are showing promise. Once we have the opportunity to experience them firsthand, we will verify their livability. In the meantime, we must patiently anticipate the unveiling of the electric Boxster later this year.

The specifics of the powertrain are currently veiled in mystery, however, it is likely that a single-motor rear-wheel drive version will be available initially, with a dual-motor all-wheel drive option coming soon afterwards. As more details are revealed to the public, we will provide updates.

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