Unveiling the Secret Upgrades of a Tastefully-Modified Fiat 500

Enhanced Features: Upgraded Oil Pan, Camshaft, and Cylinder Head for Ultimate Performance

Similar to the iconic Volkswagen Beetle and Austin Mini, the Fiat 500 was another budget-friendly car meant for the masses in Europe. It offered a basic means of transportation for those looking to get around without breaking the bank. Harry Metcalfe, former editor-in-chief of Evo magazine, acquired a vintage model through an auction and took it to a London-based model expert for restoration and improvement. However, unbeknownst to him, the car already had several upgrade modifications installed.

As stated in the auction description, this vehicle was previously owned by the chief of police in Palermo, Italy. It is said that he had a team of 30 individuals who were responsible for maintaining approximately 250 cars. The listing advertised the car as unmodified, however, the engine reveals a contradicting narrative.

At the outset, it should be noted that this particular Fiat 500 engine is not entirely original. While the block remains unchanged, the boring process has increased the displacement to 594 cubic centimeters. Furthermore, a more powerful camshaft has been installed and changes have been made to the carburetor.

Despite the multitude of enhancements already implemented, Metcalfe is eager to make further modifications to his mill. In order to improve cooling, he has his sights set on an Abarth-branded oil pan with a larger capacity. Moreover, he intends to install a higher-quality camshaft and have the cylinder head machined for enhanced performance. Additionally, Metcalfe plans to replace the headlights with brighter ones.

The constructor attempts to entice Metcalfe with further alterations. It would entail significant effort, yet he could incorporate components such as larger pistons, aluminum cylinders, and an oil cooler. Nevertheless, Mrs. Metcalfe is against the car emitting a highly aggressive noise, therefore, he is unable to install an exhaust system with boisterous trumpet-like exhausts.

Classic Fiat 500 upgrade part 1. Engine gets removed but what horrors are hiding inside?

In 1957, the Fiat 500, also referred to as the Cinquecento, was introduced for purchase. It featured a two-cylinder engine with a displacement of 479 cubic centimeters that was mounted at the rear and powered the rear wheels. A 499-cc option was later made available. The renowned Abarth company also got in on the action, enhancing 500s for racing by equipping them with bigger and more potent engines. This attracted a huge aftermarket following and gave owners the opportunity to modify their vehicles from factory stock models to fully modified race cars.

We eagerly await the technicians’ efforts to enhance Metcalfe’s 500, while maintaining its stock appearance.

Source: Harry’s Garage via YouTube

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