Updated: Volkswagen Golf GTI Spied With Little Camo

Discovering Cleverly Disguised Details in Refreshed GTI

Revised: Appended to this article are 11 photographs of a restructured GTI prototype hustling around the Nurburgring. Have a look at the new gallery elucidated beneath.

Take a thorough examination of the images of this Volkswagen Golf GTI, and examine them carefully. Truly look hard and you’ll witness precisely how skillful VW is when it comes to camouflaging. Visually, you could suppose this sporty automobile was not concealing a single thing. Nonetheless, that is certainly what the Wolfsburg staff would need individuals to consider.

This is the first time we’ve beheld the new Golf in GTI-specification, but it’s not our initiation to the updated hatchback. As a result, we know particularly where to investigate obscured fine points and that voyage begins on the front facade. The recent GTI empirically has order, square-shapen proportions with air vents and grille on the down rite front, while tenebrous tapes on the edges suggest this vehicle also does. However, the corner air intakes decline slightly lower then ascend backward at an angle, comparable to the present Golf R. It’s a more dynamic design for the GTI, and we consider the X-formed LED lamps in the corners will return despite the tight visual appearance here.

The bright light streaming towards the white hatchback makes it rather challenging to confirm if there is any adhesive tape conveying info beside the grill and the reimagined headlights. Interesting enough, VW isn’t trying to camouflage the modified changes to the GTI’s eyes, which will be slightly reduced for the modern model. In comparison to the face-lifted chin, improvements to the lights are almost imperceptible.

There’s more craftiness to be found at the rear, particularly in the form of the taillights. A vigilant individual will likely detect what seems like creases in the red lenses. That’s accurate – you’re perceiving an overlay of a tail light. What’s noteworthy is that the decal does not cover up a new shape, but rather, an interior LED light structure located within the already-existing lens.

We still haven’t had a detailed peek at the updated Golf, but we’re aware of some changes coming. Likely there is going to be a slightly enlarged center touch-screen, and Volkswagen has already affirmed that its touch controls unleashed with the Golf 8 have been mostly unsuccessful. We anticipate these to be removed in favor of something more traditional when the new model gets unveiled.

Much remains unclear, but when do we reckon the eagerly-awaited event is going to take place? We’ve yet to catch sight of the 2024 model-year Golf GTI on VW’s website, suggesting it’s probable this is the 2024 version being analyzed. Consequently, we can expect its debut either towards the end of 2021 or early in 2024.

Source: SH Proshots

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