Upgraded Boost: 2024 Volkswagen GTI Gains Extra Horsepower

261 Horsepower from 2.0L Turbocharged Engine in Europe

Volkswagen unveiled the latest version of the Golf on Tuesday, presenting an updated exterior design and revamped interior for the beloved hatchback. The GTI model also underwent a subtle transformation with a boost in both aesthetics and power.

Volkswagen’s GTI has received a revamp with its updated 2.0-liter turbocharged EA888 engine, which now boasts a higher output of 261 horsepower (195 kilowatts) in Europe – a considerable increase of 20 hp (15 kw). The hatchback still retains its front-wheel drive capability, but the manual transmission option has been removed, leaving only the seven-speed DSG automatic from VW as the sole transmission choice.

The creators at Volkswagen have revamped the Golf’s subtle smile, giving it a completely new look. The hatch now boasts a wide lower grille with slanted accents and altered headlights. The rear of the vehicle also sees a design tweak with updated taillights featuring fresh internal graphics. These lights are now equipped with a thinner reverse light, a striking C-shaped bracket, and six inner markers.

The GTI enjoys the perks of the Golf’s revamped interior, with enhancements such as a new and upgraded infotainment screen and repositioned steering wheel controls. Volkswagen has also introduced illuminated touch sliders for adjusting volume and the air conditioning, along with streamlining the menu layout of the infotainment system on the standalone screen.

The car company will now introduce real carbon accents in the interior of the GTI for the very first time. Additionally, the hatchback will be available with a bold black roof and a wide selection of 15 exterior hues – an increase of four shades from its previous offerings.

The latest version of the Golf GTI available in the US boasts a familiar 241 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque, maintaining the same specs as when it was first introduced in 2021. Although Volkswagen has not disclosed any details about the upcoming GTI for the US market, it is anticipated that the revised model will arrive in 2025 with refreshed design elements and more power. This also means that those who desire a manual transmission in their GTI will need to seize the opportunity while they still can.

Source: Volkswagen

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