Spot The Changes: 2025 Golf R

Hot Hatch vs Not-For-America Golf R Wagon

In the realm of Golf, it appears the ICE age is nearing its conclusion. Volkswagen has proclaimed that its upcoming Mk8.5 will be the last incarnation of the popular hatchback to use combustion engines; the ninth-gen model being a full on EV. Before the final grain of petrol goes into the fuel tank, Wolfsburg is providing the traditional car with one last update. Our observers have already spied both regular and GTI versions, and now we are presented with the opportunity to witness the R version.

Polish up the magnifying glass to determine what makes this Golf R stand out; for the alterations are very slight. Fortunately, VW did not have to camouflage the slimmer headlights, as it is immediately evident. The new headlamps provide a flatter appearance and look to have been narrowed at the grille – only devoted fans of VW will be able to distinguish this difference. There appears to be body-coloring masked by the contorted tape on the front fender, though the amendments are likely minimal.

The Golf R appears to be unobstructed at the rear, though, there is more than meets the eye. A closer look shows that the tail lights have been camouflaged. The new design mimics the pre-facelift’s lighting setup, obfuscating the modernized look. Sure, it’s not tremendously thrilling, however, Volkswagen wouldn’t want to cause any waves— particularly seeing as sales appear to be declining.

The Golf R Variant is receiving precisely the same modifications, but virtually no chance exists for obtaining a US visa. After spy images appeared of the 4Motion at the Nürburgring, snappers were unable to gain access inside. Despite this, nearby pictures exposing the front of the cars appear to point to some major alterations happening in the interior.

We can witness the considerable expansion of the infotainment system’s touchscreen on the back, resemblingahomologousto the ID.7 as well as the new Passat estate which unfortunately aren’t accessible in North America. On the previous Golf model, the center display was incorporated at an equivalent level as the digital speedometer. However, this will be absent with the renewed version since VW will fit a gargantuan, tablet-like touch display on the control panel.

New 2024 Volkswagen Golf 8 R Facelift Prototype Hatchback + Variant Spied Testing At The Nürburgring

For 2024, the US market will be saying goodbye to the six-speed manual gearbox – both in the R and FWD GTI models. Yet despite this, there may still be a small glimmer of optimism. According to Autocar, VW had a reversal of sentiment about getting rid of the 6MT due to more relaxed Euro 7 laws. Remember though, this is only a rumor, so don’t jump to conclusions until further evidence surfaces.

Come 2028, the latest ninth-generation Golf is expected to arrive. This means individuals have three to four years left to purchase a turbocharged gas-powered hatchback prior to the arrival of its 2025 model year facelift. As such, the Golf GTI and R presently available in the United States are already 2024 models.

Volkswagen has declared that the proverbial GTI and R will carry on in the electric age, even introducing a conceptual GTI sans a conventional powertrain.

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