Upgrading to Model Y: Is It Worth It?

Similarities and Differences Between Popular EVs
Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model Y - Which Should You Get?

Tesla Models Y and 3 comprise the lion’s share of the electric vehicle fabricator’s sales and manufacturing operations internationally, owning a combined stake of 95% or more in all their output and dispersal over the opening three quarters of 2021.

These two renowned electric autos share the same chassis, accumulators, electric engines, capacity to recharge, programming, and numerous other parts – incorporating a considerable lot of the internal segments – however, there is one fundamental region in which they contrast, and that’s inside space.

The Model Y provides an abundant amount of interior room when compared to the Model 3, as well as more expedient access to a greater amount of cargo storage thanks to its hatchback design. However, is this the only distinction between these two electrifyingTeslas?

This video clip from Auto Buyers Guide takes a closer look at the unique characteristics of the 2023 Tesla Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive as well as the AWD version of the 2023 Tesla Model Y, in order to assist buyers when deciding which vehicle would be most beneficial for them. If you are weighing up whether to choose either of these EV’s, this comparison can assist you in making your decision.

From an evaluation of cost, the Model 3 has a clear advantage with its introductory price nearly $5,000 less than the Model Y. Even without purchase incentives or discounts, it is a daunting challenge whether or not the extra money for the Model Y can be justified.

Definitely, if you prioritize space and comfortability the Model Y is for you. This vehicle provides more room for five adults, particularly a remarkable headroom in the backseat, as well as extreme comfort.

The chairs are in a more upright, crossover-like stance, and the back has reclining seats that are not featured in Tesla’s Model 3. For passengers who are taller though, they might brush against the roof bar if the rear seats are completely leaned back.

At the back of the Tesla Model Y, there is a far more agreeable seating $position due to the added seat bottom cushion which is located considerably higher than for the Model 3, leaving an advantageous posture. Additionally, with the option of emergency third-row seats, though Alex has highlighted that they are quite diminutive and only able to accommodate kids.

If performance and driving experience are more important to you than comfort or interior space, then the Model Y may not be worth the extra $5,000. Due to its diminished size and lighter frame, the Model 3 offers an even more exciting ride compared to a similarly equipped Model Y and is quicker in acceleration.

Take into account that the distinctions are not substantial, so if you desire utmost room, solace, and 95% of the Model 3’s driving sensation, the Model Y unquestionably is the one to purchase.

If you remain unsure as to which to select between Tesla’s mini electric car and crossover, you should be aware that the driving experience of the auto is rather stiff and bouncy, so it is something which you need to carefully examine prior to obtaining.

Should you be partial to a sports suspension, then the ride of the Model 3 will likely please you; however, if that is not your taste, then it’s better to consider the Model Y. Nevertheless, don’t anticipate a more cosseting and smooth journey as there are only so many modifications which can be implemented using the identical hardware.

It is prudent to remember that the Model 3 has a more lengthy range than the Model Y when at maximum capacity in respect of its powertrain, due its improved aerodynamic shape.

Investigate the clip for a greater amount of resemblances between the two Teslas and other electrical vehicles in their respective categories.

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