U.S. Sighting: BMW M5 Touring Prototype

Driving ’round L.A. in a California Car

It is already common knowledge that the sultry and wickedly fast BMW M5 Touring model is making its way over to the United States. Seeing as though an Instagram enthusiast residing in Los Angeles has seen one shrouded creature running around with a set of tags from California, we can assume that it won’t be long before they are released onto the market.

We’ve previously observed spy photographs covering the prototype hot-hatchback in Germany; however, this is the first instance we have sighted it here in our area of the world.

As with prior leaked images, the rapid estate car stands out due to its remarkably broad and hogish appearance. The majority of its minor features remain hidden, though it keeps its customary M elements, such as its large air vents, sizeable rear and front bumpers and more.

The test car features an intriguing kidney grille resembling a horizontally fluted adaptation of the BMW i5 M60’s sealed-off grille. It furthermore sports flush door handles as well as a four exit exhaust set up, plus model-specific rims and tires. Stepping inside, we can assume the carbon bucket seats from the M2 and M4 will be made accessible.

Sadly, we haven’t had the opportunity to hear its motor rumble yet. BMW M President, Frank van Meel, has verified that the forthcoming M5 Station Wagon is being given a hybrid V8 system. As a reminder, this will be the equivalent 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 PHEV engine utilized in the BMW XM.

In the awe-inspiring BMW XM Emblem, the hybrid system has the potential to generate as many as 738 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque. It’s uncertain to what level the M5 will push, but it is assumed that it would be equivalent or even greater than that, making the Audi RS6 Avant’s situation even more demanding.

M5 Touring scheduled to be released in the summer of 2024 will not feature the standard 5 Series wagon in US as per reports due to the nation’s focus on crossovers and SUVs. No particular dates have been communicated for the rollout across USA, as of now. Remarkably, this M Performance variant of BMW 5 Series might be the only version accessible to American consumers.

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