V-8 Twin-Turbo 3L Rival to Hemi V8

Powering a Jeep with Stellantis’ Hurricane 6-Cylinder Engine.

We have already heard from RacerX on YouTube regarding the explanations why Dodge (and its parent establishment Stellantis) put an end to the Hemi V8 motor. Multiple facets factored into this decision, such as fuel economy, corporate penalty fees, governing body exertion and falling sales numbers.

Nevertheless, the YouTube video producer reminded us that Stellantis has a viable engine alternative, the Hurricane, which is already in motion and could potentially save the classic muscle car (albeit in an altered form).

Now, the unofficial spokesperson for Mopar and muscle cars is returning with an in-depth evaluation of the latest Hurricane twin-turbo engine to find out if it is up to one of the foremost tribulations a new powerplant can confront in America–driving a large, heavily laden 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

Driving the new Hurricane Twin Turbo 6.. Is it better than the V8 Hemi?

RacerX and group are back at Courtesy Dodge Jeep Ram Chrysler in Tampa, FL. This time, they’re taking a look at something different-something other than the muscle car RacerX usually pumps out content about. But it’s still an alluring ride: an ultra-equipped Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Although its style is retro, this SUV is undeniably current.

As mentioned, this latest long-wheelbase Wagoneer boasts the celebrated 3-liter, twin-turbo Hurricane 6-cylinder motor, in its ‘high output’ form. Stellantis’ incredible new vehicle unleashes an unrivaled 510 horsepower along with 500 lb-ft of torque; additionally, 90% of the torque is available from as low as 2,350 rpm.

The fresh unit leaves adequate room in the engine compartment, the place where a 6.4-liter would ordinarily be set.

This 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is certainly not a classic sports vehicle, yet with 6,700 lbs of heaviness to transport, the completely-loaded Sports Utility Vehicle requires the Hurricane motor to function – at least equally as effectively as the sound Hemi V8.

Watch RacerX demonstrate the many luxurious amenities that come with this Jeep, from headrest mounted displays to comfort-enhancing massage seats. This high-end SUV has just about everything conceivable, all for the price of over one hundred thousand dollars.

The Grand Wagoneer is equipped with the hefty 6.4-liter Hemi V8 engine, enabling it to tow a weight of 8,260 lbs while still delivering a combined fuel economy of roughly 15 miles per gallon. This powerful machine produces 471 horsepower and 455 pound-feet of torque. The high output Hurricane model boasts an even more impressive capability, able to haul up to 9,750 lbs and armed with the 510-hp, 500-lb-ft 6-cylinder engine, it achieves a combined fuel economy of 17 mpg.

The noise from this muscle car V8 isn’t present, and RacerX observed that even though it doesn’t sound awful, the lack of distinction it holds against a purring V8 is deprivation.

Yet, traversing the roads and hauling with full force is what matters most, and looking at how this vehicle maneuvers the Grand Wagoneer gives us some cause for optimism.

It feels gutsy, and effortlessly propels the massive 6,700-lb automobile forward with enthusiasm.

In comparison to the Hemi V8’s consistent torque, the 3-liter straight-six with a pair of turbochargers furnishes stunning horsepower despite being in the Jeep, which is much heftier than the Dodge Challenge that weighs in at 3,900 lbs.

RacerX proposes that with its highly efficient motor, muscle cars could potentially be made much quicker, particularly when taking into consideration its probable tuning capacity to further boost performance.

Only time will inform us, yet until then, there is still the sale of the V8 and thrilling predictions that in 2023, more enthusiasts will take advantage of the chance to purchase an impressive eight-cylinder engine while they still can.

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