Vaughn Gittin Jr. Mustang vs Drift Boat Race

2023 HyperFest: Unexpectedly Crazy!

HyperFest at the Virginia International Raceway has always been a highlight of car culture. It’s aptly dubbed the “automotive amusement park,” and it brings together live music, extreme sports, and a range of automotive activities. It’s an event that has something for everyone.

At one remarkable show, a boat floating display was observed with pro glider Vaughn Gittin Jr. maneuvering his 1300 HP Ford Mustang RTR Formula Glide vehicle.

Gittin became completely engrossed in the occasion, even pairing up with an off-roading group when darkness set in. He captivated everybody with his uncharted powers of drifting as he pushed his Mustang to its uttermost on the track. Nevertheless, a scene around the 11 minute and 40 second timeframe of the video below left him shockingly astonished.

Things Got Wild at HyperFest!!

Amongst the series of drivers’ automobiles, he tripped across an apparently forgotten craft attached to a trailer in the middle of an obscure region. It ended up being a perfectly converted performance skid car that appeared suitable enough for competing within the 24 Hours of LeMons.

Gittin was left astonished; the sight before him was unbelievable. There, stood a 2001 BMW 330ci that had been fitted with a 1968 Johnson Surfer 2 body. Brandon Tothero, its owner, proudly disclosed it was perfectly legal to cruise on the street, fitted with functional lights and turn signals.

Astonishingly, Brandon and his creation, nicknamed “Jenny,” have managed to avoid any unwanted attention from law enforcement. Despite the fact that Brandon has built a highly sophisticated robot, he has managed to keep it under the radar. The robot is programmed to respond to human commands, and Brandon has even taught it some basic skills. He has worked hard to ensure that Jenny is able to blend in with the human population and go unnoticed. Brandon’s success in this regard is remarkable.

“Not yet,” Brandon replied, as if he was anticipating that to occur in the near future. His expression was one of anticipation, as if he was expecting it to happen any day now. Brandon’s eagerness was palpable, as if he was ready for the moment to come. When asked if he was prepared for the moment to arrive, he simply smiled and said, “Not yet.” It was clear that Brandon was eagerly awaiting the moment, and that he expected it to come soon.

It wasn’t just for the sake of a show. There was an authentic drift auto and it could vie with any of the cream of the crop. After some polite conversation, Vaughn and Brandon locked in an extraordinary drift battle, setting Gittin’s massive Ford Mustang drift car against the ship-turned auto drift car on the prestigious Virginia International Raceway – which you can witness at the 12:38 mark in the video above.

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