Vector W8 Falls Short Against Viper in Epic Drag Race Showdown

Powerful 625hp Space-Age Supercar Stuck with Outdated 1960s Three-Speed Automatic

Oh, the Vector W8 – a masterpiece of design that first took shape in the 1970s and was finally brought to life in the late 1980s. Its sleek wedge-shaped silhouette still stands as a testament to futuristic design over three decades later. Packed with a powerful 625 horsepower engine, it ranks among the top modern supercars in terms of sheer force. However, when put to the test in a drag race against a first-generation Dodge Viper, it falls short – not just in a quarter-mile, but even in longer distances or a rolling race.

This may mark the inaugural instance of witnessing a Vector participate in any type of race, be it a straight-line competition or otherwise. Mat Watson, known for his presence on Carwow, recently had the chance to organize a drag race between the extremely scarce W8 and a 1992 Dodge Viper, thanks to assistance from the Petersen Automotive Museum – where both cars are frequently displayed. For devoted Vector enthusiasts who subscribe to the principle of “never meet your idols,” this clip may prove challenging to watch.

Vector W8 VS. Dodge Viper | American Drag Race Special with Carwow

The production of W8 began in 1989, featuring a robust twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V8 engine. During that time, it was considered to be exceptionally powerful. However, the power was transmitted through a three-speed automatic transmission originally designed for the front-wheel-drive Oldsmobile Toronado from the 1960s. It remains unclear why this specific powertrain was chosen, but as shown in the video, it does not seem suitable for prompt acceleration.

Despite its reputation for being slow, the Vector is not to be underestimated. It may not possess the same level of speed as some of its high-performance counterparts, but it still manages to hold its own on the quarter-mile track with a time of 13.7 seconds in this video. This was comparable to the times achieved by a Corvette during its heyday. However, when pitted against the Viper, the Vector falls short as the latter completes the same sprint in just 12.2 seconds, demonstrating its superior acceleration. Even with a rolling start, the Vector struggles due to its limited three gear transmission, which pales in comparison to the Viper’s six gears. The W8 does have one redeeming quality though, as it proves more capable in a half-mile race where it has more room to reach higher speeds. Despite making a valiant effort, the Wiegert-designed wedge is unable to overtake the Viper and ultimately comes up short.

Well, it definitely boasts a cool appearance. Plus, being one of only 22 ever made, it will undoubtedly remain a highly coveted supercar. However, we believe it would be better suited as a city cruiser rather than a track champion.

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