View Rare Advan Yokohama Race Cars in Iconic Livery

Race Cars: Toyota GRs and More

Advan, a high-performance Yokohama brand, is famous for its motorsports success, mainly in Japan. To honor this legacy, the company maintains a secret repository, as revealed in the below tour of the premises. This collection of vintage racers would be worth incredible sums, which is why the precise whereabouts of this reserve remains undisclosed.

The Advan black and red livery seen on the competition vehicles is broadly as familiar as some of the most renowned European and North American ones, such as Martini Racing or Gulf Oil. This striking motif has donned the cars of the firm for decades, lasting through Formula 2 entries from the 80s all the way to the current days of Motorsport.


It is alleged that the origin of Advan’s invention is a Formula car. Driver Takahashi Kenji employed this vehicle in order to craft the motorsports tires created by the brand, which are still active today in motorsport circuits like Japan’s Super GT. On top of Bridgestone and Dunlop, Advan is furthermore an official tire distributor.

Advan had the esteemed honour of entering the 1984 24 Hours of Le Mans race, and in their debut with a Porsche 956B they thoroughly impressed by obtaining a third place finish.

Several Japanese Touring Car Championship (JTCC) vehicles have been stationed at a secret location, with iconic classic Toyota Corolla race cars sporting the Advan livery especially prominent. Nevertheless, hidig within the backdrop of one Corolla is what looks like a first-generation Tesla Roadster; its exact history in unclear, yet it’s still quite impressive to notice one of the almost 2,450 specimens produced wearing the black and red colour scheme. Despite all this, though, we’d much rather fixate our gaze on the traditional combustion automobiles.

One of the more renowned vehicles in the entire collection might be the Toyota GR Supra and the GR Yaris. This highly sought-after hot hatch didn’t manage to make it to the US despite dedicated fan interest. The presenter mentioned that the GR Supra is part of various advertising endeavors, such as in some Formula Drift films.

In contrast to other victorious motorsports businesses, Advan’s devotion to competition, not profits, is said to be why they persist in designing their offerings. This task would not have been achievable without the donation of these legendary automobiles, together with those that didn’t make it to the confidential building.

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