Viper’s 6.09-Second Quarter-Mile in 3,500 HP Twin-Turbo V8

Two Cylinders Down, Power Unstoppable

A monstrously intimidating Dodge Viper sporting twin-turbos whizzed through the quarter-mile run in a record-breaking 6.09 seconds at the 2023 Haltech World Cup Finals. Developed by RK Racecraft, and driven by its proud owner Ned Dunphy of Dunphy Racing, it’s an expertly crafted 3,500 horsepower vehicle that has little recognizable parts left from the original Viper.

Dunphy’s drag car, initially based on the fifth-generation Launch Edition Viper GTS, no longer employs its fabled naturally aspirated V10. It has now been equipped with a 572 cubic inch SMX big block V8 engine from Steve Morris Engines. This motor is combined with two Precision 103 turbos and is connected to a Mark Micke TH400 billet aluminum transmission.


Prior to snickers from the fanatic Viper fans, it must be kept in mind that this is an SMX motor. With a capacity of 9.4-liters, the Hemi V8 found within Dodge’s Challenger appears gestured compared to it; equipped to manage more than 3000 horse power, it is also sturdier than the stock unit of the Viper. It is likewise the same engine installed inside the powerful drag-spec Chevy El Camino which is owned by Cleetus McFarland.

The Dunphy Viper has undergone an immense transformation to allow for its huge power increase. The front-end was broadened and fitted with pipes, while the back was broadened to house huge drag slicks. The only original parts still present in the body are its roof and doors; everything else is made out of carbon fiber.

The Viper stunned everyone with its 6.09-second run, clocking in at an unbelievable 247 mph during qualifying. It was an incredible feat, but the “Outlaw vs Extreme” division was not to be outdone, with some of its racers recording a staggering 5-second run in the qualifying heats.

Whilst Dunphy and his Viper attained 17th rank in the preliminaries, a Toyota 2JZ propelled rocket emerged as the fleetest competitor of the bunch during the opening round with a fantastic 5.6 seconds. The ultimate victor proved to be an immensely powerful Camaro product.

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