Virginia Unveils 700-Mile Hydrogen-Powered EV

Recharge Time as Low as 7 Mins

Introducing Revo Zero’s Energy: an electrically-powered SUV, proudly crafted in Virginia. This innovative vehicle sets a new precedent – it boasts a distinct combination of both a hydrogen fuel cell and plug-in hybrid battery, unlike any other FCEV available. Home charging is an attractive option for those wary of range anxiety, yet this delightful machine also empowers you to embark on lengthy journeys with its hydrogen refuel stops.

Even absent of the chances to refuel, this would be an incredible companion for a road journey, offering a total range of 700 miles – conquering the 520-mile expectation set by Lucid Air Dream Edition. In addition, the organization submits that it is capable of being restored in approximately seven minutes when making use of an H70 dispenser. There has yet to be a time quote on recharging the battery and there is obscurity over its magnitude; only knowing its position regarding hydrogen tanks.

Yet, beyond the extended mileage that it offers, there is still more evident from the early pictures.

One of the main alluring traits of the 2019 Volkswagen ID. ROOMZZ concept car is its employment of entrance portals at both the front and rear ends. These sliding doors, controllable by a button, are equipped with a safeguard mechanism to protect occupants from possible harm. Being unprecedented in the SUV models market, such a feature demands augmented cost along with amplified intricate construction; however, the additional roomy atmosphere as well as improved entry and exit could be an advantageous outcome.

All 6 spots in the car’s slots seem adequately inviting, with a slight display noticeable in the back two rows. The front-center dash holds a large Tesla-design forefront monitor, and the driver has another reduced monitoring system just before the guidance wheel that contains somewhat bothersome tangible buttons.

At the very least, there are physical devices managing the gear shift, turning on and off the ignition, opening and closing the doors, and manipulating the windows.

In the realm of windows, there is an expansive panoramic glass canopy which serves to bathe the environment with a healthy dose of daylight. Offsetting this naturally occurring illumination are a set of ambient lamps contrasted against eco-friendly fabrics composing the covering of captain’s chairs and other touchpoints.

The firm states that the SUV is robust, with skid plates present both in the front and rear. We cannot confirm if those low-profile tires are suitable for an engaging life of exploration; although, the utility of the 360° flashlight feature may be hard to overlook. There were no details released, however we can make a guess: this light that surrounds the fender probably functions as an automatic headlight during regular usage and provides full clarity when commanded to do so. This could come in handy outdoors, demonstrating that Revo Zero has its sights set on capturing customers who value luxury along with adrenaline filled jaunts like Rivian.

If you want to take part, Revo Zero would require a $500 refundable downpayment. Nevertheless, engineering and trials are still ongoing, hence no full-scale prototypes have been put on view yet. Hence the anticipated dispatch date should not be expected too much, along with their declared hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

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