Volkswagen Brings Back Capri as Electric SUV

Second Collab On Electric Vehicle: Fans Disappointed?

It appears that Ford is intent on irritating as many of its stalwart devotees as possible, bringing the much-loved Ford Capri back in a model dubbed a compact crossover, only powered by electricity. It gets worse – the breathren vehicle of the VW will be donning the Capri SUV get-up.

The Motor Authority has declared that the iconic Ford Capri coupe has been put to rest, with a new electric crossover being created to take its place. Utilizing Volkswagen’s renowned MEB platform, this vehicle should be highly adjustable.

If you are not accustomed to the Capri, it was an attractive four-door coupe that was even made available in the U.S. by Mercury.

The captivating design of the Ford Mustang enticed Europeans, particularly in relation to its electric crossover iteration. Therefore, considering that context, the availability of a Ford Capri SUV for the European market appears to make perfect sense.

Ford has recently announced the production of a second MEB-platform-molded cross-over. Earlier in the year, they released the electro-European Explorer which doesn’t have nearly as grand of an impression as the United States’ model. We speculate that the electric Capri may not be reaching US soil; its name simply not as catchy to Americans and such.

It is anticipated that the output and scope of this new vehicle will be akin to the Volkswagen ID.3, which unfortunately is not available for purchase in the US as all autos smaller than the ID.4 are too diminutive.

It’ll be intriguing to behold how far along this alliance between Ford and Volkswagen persists. Years ago, the two corporations amalgamated their resources to conceive the upcoming Ranger and Amarok designs. Subsequently, VW gifted Ford license to the MEB platform but will it additionally let the American producer access to its fresh SSP system?

The anticipated introduction of the architecture in 2026 is expected to provide a stunning degree of power with up to 1,700 horses, which would be more than apt for something bearing the Capri name. Unfortunately, though, the electric crossover version of the Capri is due out in 2024, with engine specifications similar to those of the European Explorer – ranging from 168hp at minimum to 335 horsepower in the highest capacity.

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