Volvo Alerts Drivers to Upcoming Accidents Ahead

Accident Alert System Delivers on Its Promise

Volvo is introducing a fresh safety innovation for its 40, 60, and 90 series of cars to notify motorists of an impending accident ahead.

This technology is known as Accident Ahead Alert and it works to ensure the safety of those on the road by warning the driver about a previously crashed vehicle in the lane that lies ahead. According to the Swedish manufacturer, the system operates using live information obtained from a traffic control center. This feature comes in handy, especially on less-traveled routes. For instance, if you are driving at night and encounter an accident on a hidden bend, the Accident Ahead Alert can promptly alert you, allowing the Volvo operator to react promptly and reduce speed to a safe level.

Volvo, known for its pioneering safety features, is continuously evolving and staying ahead of the game. One of its latest innovations is the EX90 which is equipped with advanced driver assist technologies. Additionally, Volvo owners who have compatible vehicles can exchange information regarding accidents, providing aid to fellow Volvo drivers traveling on the same route. For now, this feature is only available for Volvo vehicles.

Initially unveiled in 2016, the integrated safety feature employs the Volvo Cars cloud to facilitate communication between vehicles. It was primarily focused on identifying roadway risks, like slippery surfaces, but its scope has now been expanded to incorporate the recent addition of Accident Ahead Alert.This revolutionary safety technology made its debut four years ago, utilizing the advanced capabilities of the Volvo Cars cloud to enable seamless communication among automobiles. While initially limited to detecting perilous conditions on the road, such as slick terrain, it has since been enhanced to integrate the new and imperative feature, Accident Ahead Alert.

In order to access the latest feature, users must enable the ‘connected safety’ setting in their vehicle’s infotainment system, which enables it to send and receive confidential information with other Volvo cars.

According to Asa Haglund, the Head of the Volvo Cars Safety Center, “Using our groundbreaking connected safety technology, our Accident Ahead Alert can assist Volvo drivers in avoiding any unexpected incidents, while also promoting safer roads for everyone.”

“We are pleased to announce the launch of this new feature, made possible through our collaboration with the Danish Road Directorate and other partners in the Data for Road Safety ecosystem,” stated the spokesperson. “This is a testament to our commitment to leading the way in safety innovations.”

Your Volvo vehicle is equipped with a warning system that will notify you of any upcoming accident scene by activating the hazard lights and projecting a message on the head-up display. This feature serves as a precautionary measure to ensure your safety on the road.

Regrettably, at the moment, this structure is only accessible in Denmark. However, Volvo intends to broaden its reach throughout Europe in the near future. Hopefully, American consumers will also have the privilege of utilizing this cutting-edge technology. This exceptional mechanism not only enhances safety for those involved in a crash but also for emergency personnel attending to them.

As previously stated, the Accident Ahead Alert is available on a majority of models, such as the XC90 Recharge, S60, and C40. Curiously, the most recent addition to the lineup, the EX30, does not feature this system. It is only compatible with Volvo vehicles produced from 2016 onwards.

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