Volvo EX30 Teasers Reveal Most Yet

Exploring Interior: 12.3 Screen, Wide Soundbar

We are mere days out from the globe-debuting of Volvo’s miniorest SUV yet, the all-electric EX30, and the promotional effort is growing more fierce.

The vehicle manufacturer has just unleashed the most exposed shots thus far of the EX30, alongside fresh details regarding the cabin. The imagery provides an understanding into the outer construction – which had already been shown through patent pictures – and also the inside.

One picture divulges a portion of the front, which features a reworked Thor’s hammer headlight signature created with multi-colored LED clusters that are reminiscent of the greater Volvo EX90. The intense curvature of the bonnet and fenders can also be seen, leading to a truly captivating aesthetic.

A new image provides us with the most detailed glimpse yet of the EX30’s rear end, showing off its multi-segment LED tail lights, the sloping roofline that leads to a slim rear window and a generous roof spoiler, as well as the C-pillars that give the EX30 its “floating roof” style.

Inside the Volvo EX30, a typically Scandinavian atmosphere of minimalism and warmth is brought to life. At the heart of the dashboard stands out a 12.3-inch portrait display, marked as a first in the automobile industry; moreover, the soundbar along the top of the windshield enhances its overall look.

Fueled by present-day home stereophonic design, the soundbar fuses a number of speakers in one unit, displaying amazing acoustical quality when connected to the optional Harman Kardon superior audio system, as per Volvo.

This resolution has enabled Volvo to eradicate the speakers in the doors, thus liberating extensive storage space. For the same purpose, the window button have been relocated to the center console.

A captivating choice that has been made is to redistribute the glove box and move it under the center console, making it conveniently convenient for both driver and traveler as well as acquiring more space ensuing from the leveled bottom.

Volvo has highlighted the “extremely versatile” center console that offers a sliding system to give passengers the freedom to decide how they want to use the space. As an example, the top of the cupholder can be extended out to accommodate a latte or a smartphone, or pushed back for more storage.

Moreover, the lower passageway is fitted with a refuge compartment to secure trifling accessories like sunglasses or ear pods, whereas a sack can be tucked away in the ample space above. Moving to the back, riders have the capacity to stash their mobiles in specifically laid out pouches on the forward chairs’ backs, plus a stowage drawer slides out from beneath the storage console granting extra convenience.

It is important to note that the 12.3-inch centralized display brings together all critical driving data for example; rate, power levels, direction, media and command – as there is no gauge group in front of the controlling wheel, a head-up showing arrangement is still visible.

The Volvo EX30 boasts a Snapdragon Cockpit Platform from Qualcomm Technologies that powers its infotainment system and furnishes it with some built-in Google features, such as hands-free support via the Google Assistant, Google Maps guidance, and Google Play applications. Making it the pioneer of its kind among Volvo cars, the vehicle is also provided with Apple CarPlay functionality over a Wi-Fi connection.

Volvo has recently announced the launch of their EX30 concept car, which features some innovative materials. They mention that the vehicle will be outfitted with denim, flax, and wool, as well as a variety of textures and colors. Customers will have the option of choosing from four distinct “rooms” for the interior.

Come June 7, the Volvo EX30 of 2024 will be revealed in its entirety. Moreover, it will be accessible for pre-ordering or ordering, depending on the market chosen, on precisely the same date.

Source: Volvo Cars

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