Volvo EX30: Strong Demand Pushes 2025 European Manufacturing

Model in Production in China.

Volvo Automobiles conveyed today that the fresh out of the box new, completely electrical Volvo EX30 model will be made at its Ghent manufacturing works in Belgium starting from 2025.

The company has decided to add a second manufacturing site in Zhangjiakou, China, following the launch of production there this past autumn. This decision was based on the “strong demand” for the upcoming small electric crossover/SUV. The first customer deliveries of the vehicle are anticipated to be in late 2023.

The European facility is being used to increase the production capabilities to meet the anticipated EX30 needs in Europe and beyond. The factory currently manufactures the electric XC40 and C40 models.

Volvo has emphasized its desire to manufacture cars at locations where they shall be sold, stressing the success of their most sought-after XC60 and XC40 models by already constructing them in both Europe and China.

Having double plants across the world contributes to production versatility for the model, which is projected to rank among Volvo’s most sought after. Today’s demanding context of armoury chain dilemmas and a probably territorial conflict between the European Union and China regarding electric car imports make flexibility obviously vital.

The Volvo EX30 was unveiled previously in 2021 and will be marketed around the world, encompassing the United States, where the pricing for the rear-wheel drive variant will commence at $36,245. Notably, the all-wheel drive model will be significantly more expensive – with its starting price being set at $46,095.

It will be intriguing to witness if Volvo is able to preserve the cost with the manufacturer in Europe (traditionally regarded as pricier than the fabrication facilities in China).

Jim Rowan, Volvo Cars’ Chief Executive Officer, declared: “We intend to make the EX30 globally available at an attractive cost, thus enabling more people to experience driving a Volvo electric car while also facilitating improved firm margins. Adding manufacturing in Ghent is sensible, as we seek to take advantage of the ardent global demand for our thrilling small electric SUV.”

Volvo’s intention is to escalate the proportion of exclusively electric cars of new sales up to fifty percent by the midpoint of the decade and to reach a hundred percent before 2030. Not only the EX30, but there are also Volvo EX90 and Volvo EM90 currently being planned for the future.

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