Volvo Smokes McLaren In Drag Race

Don’t Underestimate the Volvo’s Speed!

The Volvo 240 station wagon is the exemplar of a soccer mom’s conveyance and passed-down ride, though in the control of a savvy modificator, they can also be discreet cars. Some even have the gall to challenge a McLaren 570S Spider in a drag competition.

The voluminous rectangular long-roof Volvo, owned by Caleb, has a 1989 model 240 that looks like it’s had better periods. Despite its diminutive look, this isn’t an average car. The stock motor has been substituted with a forced 5.3-liter LS V8 engine that’s stated to produce up to 860 horsepower directly to the wheels. Within the motor bay are other adjustments such as a Gen 4 iron block, ARP studs, plus a BTR stage 2 turbocharger.

McLaren 570S Spider vs Gingium's Sleeper Volvo wagon // THIS vs THAT

Notwithstanding the Hoosier drag tires, the Volvo exhibits a mostly stock presence with several signs alluding to some concealed grandeur. From its interior, the only indicators that something is extraordinary other than tedium manifest as modified dials and a shifter belonging to the Tremec TR-6060 manual gearbox. The sleeper design has an overall mass of 3,300 lbs which appears leaner in comparison to the McLaren 570S it will contest against.

The 570S Spider remains wholly original, weighing in at 3,314 lbs. Boasting a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 located behind the driver and passenger, the vehicle can create a whopping 580 hp from the crankshaft.

Despite its decreased power, the McLaren has the benefit over the Volvo due to its seven-speed Double Clutch gearbox. Such technical benefits were clearly illustrated during the inaugural 1000-ft drag race from a standing start, where although the Volvo 240 station wagon and its manual shift transmission gave the error-prone human driver useable control; it was ultimately unable to keep up.

Following the Volvo’s defeat in the initial lap, a mutual concord was reached to commence at 40 mph with a rolling start. This modified set up shone favourably for the 240 station wagon, which conquered two straights over the McLaren by a slim margin in front of the vehicle. In a competition that may likely transpire on highways (even though, unsurprisingly, it’s not sanctioned by us), the commonplace Volvo pretty much left the British sports car in the dust.

Witnessing sleeper cars overpower mighty heavyweights in a straight-speed competition will always be remarkable, yet we are also compelled to commend Caleb for his work on this Volvo. What began as an everyday vehicle has been willfully shifted into a bona fide sleeper. It’s even more accurate to arouse that Caleb (better known by the pseudonym Gingium) has recently finished a 7,000-mile driving voyage in this very car – making it rather evident that he is truly enamored with it. We applaud him wholeheartedly! There’s very little chance of finding another contemporary V60 that could come close to matching this level of hip.

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