VW Beetle Packs Subaru Punch: 0-60 in 10 Seconds!

Front Wheels Fly w/ Nitrous Boost

We have beheld numerous engine swaps on the Volkswagen Beetle, such as beefy V8’s through an atelier in South Africa. Nevertheless, this specific swap is something we have never encountered before – a Beetle outfitted with a Subaru motor named the MexiBug7.

Simon Ferguson and Alex Collins are the masterminds behind the MexiBug7, leveraging a 2.5-liter flat-four, quad-cam Subaru motor to deliver around 350 horsepower. This engine was designed for augmented power, allowing the vehicle to lift the front wheels at the drag strip–powered by its weight balance and sticky drag tires. It has reached 156 miles per hour so far; still, Ferguson concedes it could go more rapidly. Through the quarter mile, after the front wheels drop back down, the car scurries through the 10s–in stark contrast to the puny performance of the original Beetle.

Subaru 2.5 L Powered 1998 Volkswagen Beetle "MexiBug7"

The remarkable MexiBug7 boasts several adaptive alterations for maximized speed, like two mammoth wings. Moreover, its adjustable gas shocks and coilovers are at the front, together with a re-configured VW Polo steering column, Golf GTI brakes, freshly-wired loom as well as an all-new gearbox. Furthermore, to encourage the car to travel as near to the ground as they could manage, the guys placed the (Ford Mustang) radiator behind the rear window.

The interior has been pared back to include only two bucket seats for an intense driving experience. Furthermore, exterior add-ons such as extra illumination underneath enhance its aesthetic allure.

The MexiBug7 has been celebrated with awards from Petrolheadism Live and Richard Rawlins of Gas Monkey Garage bestowed honor on it with his signature gracing the car’s wing. Appearances at car gatherings and affairs often garner it a sizable crowd to admire its fine looks.

Richard Rawlings Approved 1998 Volkswagen Beetle "MexiBug7" with 2.5 Subaru Engine 10sec 1/4mile car

The proprietors have intentions to make a few more alterations to the MexiBug7 notwithstanding recognizing its current performance ceiling. The vehicle, while competent, is not meant for the pro-mod designation since the owners target to spare it from convert to trash metal. If they can take it towards the 9s, they will try, without sacrificing its functionality.

Unsurprisingly, the vehicle has no power steering, no assisted brakes, no ABS (anti-lock braking system) and no airbags fitted; however, the dumbfounded and beaming smiles of the owners are quite priceless. Nevertheless, the car has gone on some particularly memorable road trips, for instance a 24-hour drive to Scotland.

The MexiBug7 surpasses fastness; it embodies exhilaration, flair, and individuality, exuding a distinct declaration on the streets.

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