1979 VW Beetle Police Car: Adorably Criminal

Police Attention: Here They Are!

The unbelievable news of a Volkswagen Beetle pushing 21.5 million produced models up for auction isn’t something seen every day; however, this particular vehicle is anything but typical – it was once an authentic VW Beetle police ride employed with the German law enforcement for years on end and is now located in the United States.

The car served with dignity for many years, the mechanicals almost entirely original.This 1979 Volkswagen Beetle, having been constructed in Mexico and brought new to a municipality in Lower Franconia, Germany, was quickly employed as a police vehicle. It displayed the signature green and white shade and had Bavarian state patrol seals placed along the exterior of the door windows; furthermore, ‘Polizei’ stretched across the hood. The vehicle saw use for quite some time and its mechanics remained mostly intact.

A vintage azure emergency beacon sits upon the roof, complemented by blaring loudspeakers for the PA system (the four Bosch alarms are tucked underneath the ahead bumper). Generally speaking, the facade looks in remarkable shape, with scarcely any flaws, yet the before bumper exhibits hints of slight corrosion.

Beneath the mammoth 15-inch rims and hubcaps, recently-modified drum brakes await. Recently upgraded Vredestein Sprint Classic tires were furnished in November of 2023.

In 1986, the production of the 1979 Volkswagen Beetle was terminated, thus being parked in storage. In the early 2000s, it underwent a facelift and was brought to America in 2014. Subsequently, the Beetle has been the subject of much attention, with Jay Leno having taken advantage of the opportunity to take a ride, as well as Jerry Seinfeld presenting it on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

The GCI-2000 Emergency Lights with turn signals have been added to the exterior.Despite no longer being used to police the streets, this Volkswagen Beetle Police Car still holds onto its original interior components. This encompasses such features like a Telefunken radio in the glove compartment and command center for both the PA sound system and alarm sirens. As expected from a vintage Beetle, the entirety of the interior is quite basic, featuring brown textile seating plus vinyl door panels. Apparently, the driver’s seat reveals signs of wear, principally comprising of a burn mark and rips. Externally, the GCI-2000 Emergency Lights complete with directional switches have been fitted.

It’s understandable to believe this precise Beetle was not meant for commanding, emergency situations. Nonetheless, with its 1.2 litre flat-four engine, this compact motor could certainly be left to patrol the streets tirelessly. And when the lightweight VW wasn’t suitable, the police force in Germany had a supplementary set of BMW 5 Series and Porsche 911 cars for rescue and relief missions.

A green Polizei jacket accompanies this eye-catching Beetle, making it a standout for any car enthusiasts. This majestic vehicle has an intriguing history, likely to turn heads at the nearest Cars & Coffee gathering. If you wish to become its proud owner, Bring a Trailer is hosting an auction with currently the highest bid at $21,911. You have three days before bidding comes to an end.

It’s a genuine dishonor that Volkswagen discontinued the Beetle, as many companies have resuscitated their smaller autos for the electronic revolution, such as Fiat and its 500e. Regrettably, there is no chance of the Beetle being given new life.

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