VW ID.7: An Electric Wagon for the Future

Electric Passat Variant: Your Eco-Friendly Choice

We are excited at the prospects of the pulsating electric wagon segment continuing to expand with the debut of a brand-fresh product. However, if you reside in the United States, don’t get too overjoyed as the Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer seen in the pictures here is likely not arriving on this side of the sea. These are the first issued pictures of the zero-emissions estate and more information will be divulged during the months ahead when we also discover in which markets the car will be made available.

After six decades in the car industry, Volkswagen is soon unveiling its very first all-electric station wagon, the ID.7. This model, which boasts a modern design and finely-honed aerodynamics, offers a drag coefficient of 0.24 – just a touch higher than that of its sedan sibling’s, the ID.7, with its Cd of 0.23. The ID.7 Tourer is now beginning to make an appearance on VW’s showroom floors across Europe.

Yet shoppers will opt for the Volkswagen’s first zero-emissions estate car due to its capability of carrying more freight. If there are five people inside, it can accommodate a maximum of 19.24 cubic feet (545 liters) of goods. Moreover, folding the rear seats down increases this to an impressive 60.52 cu ft (1,714 l).

A fast appraisal of the new Volkswagen Passat – a station wagon which is not being offered in the US – reveals it to be markedly smaller as per the capacity of its trunk. When configured for five persons, the 2024 Passat – obtainable exclusively as a wagon – has 24.3 cu ft (690 l) of baggage space. Splitting the rear seat flat grants an extra 67.8 cu ft (1,920 l) capacity; a massive boost of 4.9 cu ft (140 l) when compared with the former Passat Variant.

No information is yet available with regards to the powertrain configurations of the ID.7 Tourer, but Volkswagen has revealed that it uses their MEB platform. It is likely that this station wagon follows the same electric setup as the ID.7 sedan, boasting a rear-mounted motor offering 282hp. The current versions of the ID.7 boast 77 and 89 kWh batteries, providing up to 430 miles in range as estimated by the WLTP.

Just as the ID.7 sedan, the fresh wagon variant will be produced at Volkswagen’s Emden facility located in Germany. The automotive corporation declares to unveil additional details and high-quality pictures of the model within the following months. It is intended that the ID.7 Tourer will be in VW’s showrooms in Europe next year.

Source: Volkswagen

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