VW’s ID. Buzz Inspires New Electric SUV

EV Debuts in 2026

Volkswagen has issued a preview of their upcoming small electric SUV ahead of its debut in 2026. Stepan Rehak, the VW representative responsible for concept and design cars, has described the new model as a sibling to the ID.2all hatchback; essentially it is a miniature SUV adaptation.

As the marketplace persists to stay favorable of these higher vehicles, potential buyers should be enticed by the ID.2all SUV’s reinforced ground clearance and practical look. Nonetheless, Americans may not be gifted with this experience as its small stature does not allow for US approval. The all-new Volkswagen electric vehicle is anticipated to have the same MEB foundation that serves as the basis for the ID.3 and ID.4.

At first glance, the ID.2all SUV is the sibling of the beloved, iconic ID.2all. The SUV adaptation of this unforgettable car will become available in 2026! #ID2allSUV #ComingSoon pic.twitter.com/4SxgTDdH2e

Referring to the teaser photo, the ID.2all SUV probably won’t look too similar to its bigger electric vehicle (EV) siblings. It has a similar profile to the low-slung concept version of the ID.2all, with recognisable headlights and a back roof spoiler. However, what sets the SUV edition apart is its sharp wheel fenders which give the car a more masculine aesthetic. There are also three slats on the C-pillar, bearing some resemblance to the Volkswagen ID. Buzz.

Our model, based on the ID.2all, is expected to provide a single motor which yields 223 horsepower. Volkswagen reports that the hatchback version can hit 0-62 mph in 6.9 seconds. According to European WLTP estimates, the range should be around 279 miles on a full charge. Moreover, it should only take 20 minutes roughly for the unit to go from 10%-80% capacity.

The newly-unveiled Volkswagen ID.2 SUV will be a key component of the company’s determined efforts to provide 11 electrically powered automobiles by 2027. Numerous EV prototypes have already been presented, such as the ID. GTI concept that is scheduled to arrive in 2027 as an electric sporty hatchback.

The ID.2all SUV is supposedly going to be generated along the side of the ID.3 at the Volkswagen Wolfsburg facility, with a fee somewhat more than what the estimated cost of the ID.2all was expected to be – €25,000 (roughly $27,470 depending on current conversion rates).

Should Volkswagen in the USA consider introducing an enhanced electric vehicle which is more or less the size of a Golf? Does it make sense to attempt and bridge that specific gap or is it just a pointless thought? Please feel free to share your opinion by commenting below.

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