Watch a BMW XM Crash Into Tree on Pikes Peak Climb

Prepping for the Race: ‘Peak Power’ Explored

Following the catastrophic fail of BMW’s XM during this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, one would assume the corporation desired to move swiftly on and forget the entire episode. Nonetheless, they have put out a lengthy video showing what occurred off-scene in the run-up of the 101st competition when the SUV attempted the climb. Evidently, we can now observe more concretely how the disastrous collision came about.

Titled ‘Peak Power,’ BMW’s official Pikes Peak motion picture includes remarks from Rhys Millen, the chief program leader, and Matt Mullins, the stunt driver and Chief Driving Instructor at the BMW Performance Driving School. Unfortunately for him, Mullins was in the driver’s seat when the 738-horsepower XM Label Red bumped into an accident.

The crew’s target was to surpass the SUV record achieved by the Bentley Bentayga W12 back in 2018, when it finished the hill climb in 10 minutes and 49.9 seconds.

BMW Presents: Peak Power (Part 1) | BMW USA (Official Film)

“The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the greatest hill climb in the world,” declared Mullins. He and Millen were convinced that the XM Label Red was able to shatter the record, and why not? After all, it has the most power of any M car to date and is definitely more powerful than the Bentley, which currently holds the SUV record.

With 156 twists across twelve point four two miles and an altitude surpassing fourteen thousand feet, it poses an extreme test for the car and operator. All we were conscious of regarding the smash was the perceptible harm to the XM, the forward right side of the vehicle being severely disfigured. Currently we have acquired a better understanding of the scenario.

At the 18:50 stage of Peak Power (scroll up for video), Murray Mullins completely lost control and ran off track, slamming into a tree at a high rate. The power of the impact was so tremendous that it caused the XM to tumple. Allegedly, the SUV – weighing around 6,000 pounds – had taken too wide of an approach to the corner and this subsequently resulted in the lack of control on the part of the driver. Further analysis of the footage is suggestive of what could have been understeer which caused the tragedy.

Sirens sounded in the distance as medical personnel and their vehicles quickly arrived at the scene. The BMW team anxiously watched as it became obvious that it was Mullins who had been involved in the incident.

“My poor wife, she’s been through a lot of stuff with me,” said Mullins, who fortunately managed to escape unscathed. “I wanted to do it for everybody; it’s just heartbreaking,” the misty-eyed driver lamented.

Much of the initial section of the movie franchise concentrates on the many months it spent verifying the automobile and mirroring equivalent scenarios to those at Pikes Peak, which made the way it concluded that much more disheartening. Segment 2 of the series is slated to release in a matter of hours up until this point, and our anticipation is that Mullins will give further comprehension regarding what transpired just before the XM overturned.

It is intriguing to note that this wasn’t the lone far-fetched BMW vehicle to locate itself on the racing turf; indeed, the automaker sent a benignly changed X2 to the Rebelle Rally and it attained a commendable outcome, ultimately harbouring second place in the X-Cross class. Although the two frays are essentially unalike, the sheer bulk and gravity of the XM plug-in hybrid may, conceivably, have played a role in its expiry.

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