Ford’s Electric Supervan Sets Record at Pikes Peak

Improved Time by 37 Seconds
SuperVan 4.2 Takes on Pikes Peak | Ford Performance

Ford’s involvement in this year’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb event was marked with a zero-emissions goal. To break the nine-minute record, their adapted electric van had to undergo massive modifications. Starting from the chassis of the SuperVan 4.0, they worked diligently to create an EV suitable to take on the daunting 12.5 mile course.

The shift from SuperVan 4.0 to 4.2 necessitated Ford Performance technicians to slim down the prototype by 881 lbs. (400 kg.), however, it still weighed a substantial amount at 4,400 pounds. The team needed to refurbish nearly all segments of the motor vehicle for the upcoming run which included modifying the ride elevation, brakes, and suspension.

The SuperVan 4.2 was not nearly as powerful compared to the 4.0, providing 1,400 horsepower for its journey with a trio of motors. Whereas the 4.0 boasted four engines that provided 1,972 hp, this lack of vigor did not stop the 4.2 from meeting Ford’s objective velocity.

Ford was only given a six-week period to make pertinent corrections on the modernized van, but it didn’t quite work out the way it had been expected. During the trial drive, an insignificant component of the SuperVan’s gear shifted string was harmed, compelling the squad to modify before the authentic series kicking off. Pikes Peak is most certainly not like a regular racetrack. Being a public road, it has its flaws, causing it to be less than perfect for competing.

On the day of competition, the Ford confidently coasted through the track in 8 min, 47.682 sec, shattering the previous class record of 9min, 24.433 sec which was established in 2019. The whole team was ecstatic with their performance, however, they were unsuccessful in taking out first place overall. An unrestricted Wolf TSC-FS from 2018 finished the hill climb with a blazing time of 8 mins, 40.080 seconds.

Racing veteran Romain Dumas, who maintains the fastest-ever recorded speed when tackling the renowned Pikes Peak hill climb, was behind the wheel of the car as he completed the course. He not only achieved the overall victory at the Hill Climb in 2014 and 2016 but also triumphed twice at the Le Mans. His extensive knowledge helped him to negotiate the 156 turning points along the route with an elevation change of 4,725 feet, nearly equivalent to four full Eiffel Towers standing facet to face.

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