Wider Head-Up Display in New BMWs

BMW’s Neue Klasse: Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road.

Oliver Zipse, the head of BMW, revealed at the organisation’s 2023 Annual Meeting that a panoramic-vision, full-width “head-up” display has been previewed in the i Vision Dee concept vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show this year and should be available in production cars by 2025.

It is no secret that BMW will be introducing one of the most progressive technologies with their next range of Neue Klasse models, namely the upcoming BMW 3 Series. Whilst the German carmaker introduced its initial onboard computer layout with digital shows in the 7 Series back in the ’80s, it now elects to unleash such advancements onto more budget-friendly model vehicles first. This shall also be the tactic that they use when it comes to iDrive 9.

BMW Panoramic Vision Full-Width Head-Up Display Coming In 2025

“The windscreen is transformed into a single expansive display with our new BMW Panoramic Vision,” said Frank Weber, Member of the Board for Development at BMW AG. “This opens up unprecedented opportunities for the design of our vehicles. Drivers can decide what information they want to be displayed in their field of vision, or all occupants can view the same content – making the experience much safer and more personalised.”

This forceful assertion verifies the recent emergence of technology reported by CarBuzz in February, which is equipped to deactivate monitors should a driver keep their eyes fixated on a screen while operating a motor vehicle.

“The cockpit of our new car has been revolutionized,” said Weber, “with a projection that provides a significantly more clearly structured view. This gives the driver an impressive new feeling of space and driving. We are taking our well-known motto ‘eyes on the road – hands on the wheel’ to a whole new level.”

“In order to guarantee that everyone in the car is able to clearly view the content, BMW Panoramic Vision offers information that is pertinent to the driver and passengers with a higher contrast and luminosity on a dark-coated area of the lower part of the windscreen.”

Unlike current Heads-up Displays (HUDs), the display won’t be see-through. Nevertheless, there’ll still be traditional HUD elements, such as lane markers, projected onto the windshield above the black stripe. Plus, where the Panoramic Vision display is situated should aid drivers in keeping their gaze on the path ahead. Given that it is straightforwardly visible, comprehending the information will require less attention and effort than usual HUD graphics, which can be difficult to make out in strong sunlight.

BMW declared that comprehensive information with respect to multimedia and amusement options for all travelers will be laid out shortly, in addition to other iDrive advances to be exposed for the Neue Klasse.

It won’t be much longer until BMW features its most leading-edge innovation on motorways – is the renowned German car-maker ultimately going to revolutionize in-car information systems or have some other producers got an even better vision?

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