Wildly Impractical Yet Lovely Wuling Mini EV Cabrio

World’s Cheapest Electric Convertible: $14,000
The World's Cheapest EV Convertible Is Delightfully Awful (Wuling MINI EV Cabrio)

The international all-electric cabriolet division presently appears to be quite empty. The MG Cyberster appears like a attractive option but it will become accessible across the United Kingdom and other European countries come summer of next year. There’s also the Mini Cooper SE Convertible EV which will produce barely 999 models, with all of them being distributed within Europe. If you are a resident of China, fortunately, there is an alternate choice and it is actually the least expensive zero-emissions convertible available to purchase at this time.

Beginning with an overview, Wuling is a Chinese automobile firm manufacturing and distributing the Mini EV – which was the world’s third most popular electric vehicle (EV) during last year. This mighty machine sold 443,400 units in a year, and even came precariously close to beating the Tesla Model 3. We’ve already covered this car before, with the release of the exclusive GameBoy edition model, luckily for us; Wheelsboy was able to sample it then. Today Chinese designers have come up with something new, the convertible version!

The video displayed prominently at the top of this page – as well as the gallery presented exclusively to Motor1.com readers – showcase the most affordable electric convertible available in existence today. At present, it is merely being vended in China; its beginning fee translated to approximately $14,000 USD. To put that into perspective, one would have to settle for a Mazda MX-5 Miata if they lived in the United States – with an introductory MSRP of close to $30,000.

There hasn’t been much of a transformation in the design aspect when compared to the previous iteration of the miniature electric car. It still holds those strange ratios and runs on the same 12-inch tyres. Being remarkably small, it measures 3059mm (120.4 inches) in length, 1521mm (59.9 inches) in width, 1614mm (63.5 inches) in height, and 2010mm (79.1 inches) from axle to axle. A differentiating factor between this Wuling Mini EV and others is that only two people can fit into it, with an oddly shaped cargo area which cannot be accessed from outside.

One of the more peculiar qualities of this car are various. We’ve complied some for you to observe, ahead of watching the video at the head of this article. For starters, in order to activate the electric engine, you need a real physical key. Apart from that, you will find a somewhat antiquated radio on the central console which has Bluetooth connectivity along with three USB ports still in functioning order.

Source: Wheelsboy on YouTube

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