Witness A BMW E30 Burn After It Leaks Oil

Cause of Fire: Vehicle’s Underbelly.

A spectacular video possesses a shocking instant when a BMW E30 combusts in South Africa. The brief footage exhibits the automobile proceeding backward with a blaze flaring below it and the situation deteriorating quickly afterwards.

The footage of this incident shows the BMW driver halting his vehicle as the window glass displayed intense flames. He hurriedly exits and pops open the bonnet, exhibiting a larger-than-life conflagration. The inferno erupts into the atmosphere as the car involuntarily moves backward across the fast-expanding fire on the terrain.

Bystanders rushed to the scene, yet it appeared there was nobody with a fire retardant. The clip ends prior to us being able to judge the result. If somebody carrying a fire suppressant had intervened quickly enough, then it is plausible that the damage done to the vintage 3 Series could have been kept to a minimum, yet due to the flames being rampant by the end of the video, it is likely that the vehicle suffered considerable destruction.

It is still unclear what sparked the flames. Though, it appears that some sort of problem may have occurred – potentially involving fuel, power steering liquid, or even engine oil – taking into account how quickly the blaze spread from its point of origin on the ground.

The authenticity of this E30 325iS is questionable, but certainly its design attests to the legacy the car held in South Africa. The BMW South African version was initially launched in 1990 boasting a 2.7L straight-six engine together with a race-tuned M3 suspension, not usually available in the region. Coupled with aluminum body panels, this revered automobile provided 194 horsepower whereupon it garnered a renowned cult status and landed the nickname ‘Gusheshe’.

Source: Mapilo Motorsport / Facebook via CarMag.co.za

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