Witness Ford Mustang GT’s Devastating Crash at Drag Strip

Never A Crowd: Mustang Hits the Wall
Mustang crashes racing against Corvette

It’s common to make jokes about Mustang collisions, however this driver kept to the cardinal rule of taking it to the track instead of risking a street race so don’t reprimand them too harshly. Accidents can happen no matter what type of car and accompanying setting, for example the track. The only loss here being a 6th gen Mustang, but thankfully the driver was not hurt and they weren’t part of any other crash. That deserves respect!

It doesn’t matter however, as the duo are only here for power and glory.The sad occurrence that took place happened at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The exact datetime remains unknown, but from what it looks like, it was probably during some form of test-racing that necessitated a heads-up start. For this particular matchup, a Mustang and a C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 were the protagonists, and when they made their way to the starting line, no one was in the seemingly distant bleachers. This could have been due to the usual lack of individuals present at such events, or even an exclusive track rental. Nevertheless, both parties were mostly there for one thing – victory and reputation.

Neither of the cars executed a tire-smoking burnout, which could be a deciding cause in the accident. Doing a burnout with street tires can paradoxically make grip more slippery and there are countless other subtle effects that come into effect like surface preparation and track temperature. We’re not aware of what kind of tires the Mustang was equipped with, yet the wheels appear to be diverse and those tyres look extremely wide-rimmed. This implies they have been made mainly for the track, and may explain the slippage on the launch without having done a burnout to warm them up.

The cars had plenty of traction problems from the start. The Corvette gained a swift lead, whereas it was unclear whether the Mustang had much grip at all. The back of the automobile quickly pulled in a left direction shortly after the race had begun. The driver made a speedy adjustment to get back on course, however, it sadly spun out in the contrasting direction thus crashing into the wall with a great impact. Soon enough we noticed the motorist evacuate their car.

We have noticed an Instagram tag for Mayos5.0 on the windshield of the Mustang. There are a number of snapshots present on the account which suggest to be related to the vehicle; hence, we wanted to show our compassion and try to find out about what had actually gone wrong so we sent a message. If there’s any answer, we’ll talk again; but as of now, it’s great that everyone is alright and safe.

Source: Wheels / YouTube

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