What Is The Price of Ferrari 296 GTS With Options?

The Costly Stunning Ferrari 296 GTS

Having a Ferrari is likely the desire of numerous auto fans. On the pre-owned market, Ferraris generally keep their worth yet can be somewhat “reasonable” when contrasted with buying a pristine prancing steed. In any case, on the off chance that you have the methods, buying a fresh out of the box new Ferrari is much better. Tim Burton, otherwise known as the YouTuber Shmee150, knows this very well since he as of late obtained a dazzling Ferrari 296 GTS supercar for around $430,000.

WHAT DID IT COST? The Total Options Prices of My Ferrari 296 GTS

Renowned for the immense assortment of luxury cars in his ownership and the car-related YouTube clips he uploads, Shmee150 – or simply put, Shmee – has been steadily increasing his selection. Recently, he acquired a Ferrari 296 GTS, which the popular Italian vehicle manufacturer portrays as the advanced form of its mid-rear-engined 2-seater berlinetta spider idea. This cabriolet is basically a hybrid supercar which derives its extraordinary strength (830 horsepower all together) from blending a fresh V6 engine and an electrically powered plug-in (PHEV) motor, first applied in the 296 GTB.

According to the British YouTuber, he desired his pristine Ferrari to be customized. Indeed, the 296 GTS is merely his second Ferrari after the adored SF90 Stradale. To have the car wholly stand apart, Shmee opted for the numerous alternatives that the producer has available.

Despite the fact that choosing these extras can be costly, with every available selection for the 296 GTS possessing a steep cost, there is still assistance from Shmee150 if anyone desires to learn how much he compensated for his extravagantly chosen 296 GTS.

According to Shmee, the total cost of a 296 GTS in the UK was estimated to be $339,664 when the information was gathered (all amounts converted into the US Dollar). With addition of road tax and registration, the figure was raised to around $340,505. However, if one desired some individualized modifications added, the expenditure would have increased dramatically.

Shmee decided to pick many external features, all of which met his taste. For example, he went for the Rosso Dino with its orange-hued aspect, as its design pays homage to the 1960s Dino. This 296 GTS – the most recent addition to his collection – sports a full array of visible carbon fiber elements (front splitter, underdoor cover, rear diffuser), a Matte Black tailpipe, satin Prancing Horse logos, Grigio Corsa tires, Giallo brakes, and Scuderia Shields.

Meanwhile, Shmee’s Ferrari 296 being two-toned has a decent range of seats (patterns unique to the style, air-permeable and well-preserved traditional leather with ornate threading) with Grigio Scuro Alcantara highlights, disparity stitching, headrest stitching, and diverse colorful inner details. Furthermore, it is equipped with an illuminated and Carbon LED steering wheel. Adding to the technology onboard, the car also has lift suspension, front lights that adjust to the environment, front-facing radar, forward camera, 360 cameras, rearward radar, and Hi-Fi quality audio.

All external and internal options for the 296 GTS carry a price tag of $36,879 and $29,113 respectively. With the inclusion of technological features ($23,091), the full extra expenditure tallies up to $89,084. Once all costs, including registration fees and taxes, are taken into consideration, the final cost for a brand new 296 GTS totals close to $429,590. For someone who buys these supercars out of sheer passion, this is undoubtedly worth it.

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