Ferrari 296 GT3 Price Exceeds Nissan Versa

Ferrari’s Large Model Packed with Detail – $18k Price Tag

These photographs display a vehicle that appears to be a Ferrari 296 GT3 race car, featuring winglets in the front panel’s corners, slotted wheel arches and exquisitely contoured side-view mirrors. Its sporting pedigree is further enhanced by the set of Pirelli racing tires on which it rests. However, it’s not an authentic GT3 model – it’s even more extraordinary. This finely crafted piece is actually a full-size replica created by the world renowned touched of Amalgam.

This sleek 1:8 scale Ferrari 296 GT3 is the brand’s newest development, and it’s easy to imagine being small enough to get behind the wheel. Standing 22 inches long, this gem accurately mirrors its life-size ancestor since it was created from Ferrari’s CAD data. The concept to creation process necessitated 3,000 hours of labour, and they took an extra 300 hours for the ultimate assembly of each model. Amalgam manufacturers were responsible for moulds and casts used during fabrication.

You receive plenty of detail when you commit that amount of diligence. Amalgam affirms that each visual feature of the real 296 GT3 is reflected and included in the model. This extends to an incredibly precise interior replete with seatbelts, restraints, buttons, knobs, and naturally, a real Ferrari wheel decorated with buttons and switches.

The doors swing open affording an unobstructed look inside, though alas, it is not possible to peek under the hood and observe the hidden-away twin-turbocharged V6 engine. That will stay tucked away for this particular make.

Amalgam will construct 199 reproductions out of the given 296 GT3 units, and patrons have the option to customize their design. Even more noteworthy is the option to utilize specific Ferrari colors for a precise match. Of course, this type of intricate craftsmanship comes with a hefty cost, as it is listed on Amalgam’s website at $18,090 – pricier than an actual Nissan Versa that you can drive.

Introducing the Ferrari 296 GT3 at 1:8 scale

Source: Amalgam Collection

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