Xiaomi Beats Apple to Electric Car: McLaren-Inspired Sedan

Mass Production Starting Next Month in Beijing Plant

The iconic Chinese phone producer, Xiaomi, has recently unveiled their newest automotive product, known as the “SU7”. It bears a strong resemblance to many of its predecessors at the leading end.

Apple has been flirting with the notion of fabricating a car for quite some time, but we have not yet received any enlightenment. Nevertheless, Xiaomi has outwitted the Silicon Valley corporate Goliath by launching what appears to be a sedan version of the McLaren 720S.

As reported by CarNewsChina, the Xiaomi electrical sedan is significant in physical scope, measuring 197 inches long, 77 inches wide and 57 inches high; levels of stature akin to that of the Tesla Model S. Still, when considering powertrain options, this four-door more closely follows the example laid out by the slightly smaller Tesla Model 3.

Xiaomi’s SU7 is now purchasable in both rear-wheel-drive (RWD) and all-wheel-drive (AWD) variations. The RWD offers 295 horsepower, granted by a battery from BYD, while the AWD produces 664 hp via an energy source furnished by CATL – also the supplier for Tesla electric vehicles.

Once again showing their technological ingenuity, the SU7 offers up the LiDAR mounted behind the windscreen. Furthermore, it also possesses a facial recognition feature for unlocking, with the camera being located on the B pillar. As per usual with Xiaomi phones, HyperOS is set to power the in-car system of the Chinese EV.

Design-wise, there is much recognition to be had for the front facade of this electric vehicle, as it comes to mind of those belonging to supercars such as McLaren. Apart from what meets the eye upfront, its markings bring about reminiscences of Porsche Taycan. Unquestionably, China-based manufacturers are infamous for their imitation of celebrated models, whether deliberate or not. Furthermore, different driver’s needs can be catered for with diverse wheel sizes of 19″ and 20″ provided in a five spoke finish.

Apple lost their leading role in the Chinese smartphone market to Huawei last month, and if Xiaomi’s electric vehicle scheme attracts customers in China, then more could be persuaded to make the switch. Therefore, Apple are urged to start up their own EV project without delay; with reports suggesting that BAIC is on the verge of rolling out their Xiaomi SU7 models from next month.


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