1,000 HP Porsche K1 SUV: Halo Awaits

Tackling Trails with Ease

It is widely known that Porsche are currently in the process of manufacturing an electric three-row SUV referred to as the K1. Auto Motor und Sport has now uncovered some more extensive intelligence, such as likely power outputs plus a few elements relating to off-road capabilities.

K1, Porsche’s forthcoming largest vehicle to enter production, will take after the future Macan electric SUV and the imminent electrified redesign for next-generation Cayenne, when construction ends for the highly upgraded third iteration.

The SUV will be constructed on Volkswagen Group’s upcoming SSP platform but with a slight modification. It was anticipated that SSP would be presented with 800-volt technology, however the German media now states it will make use of 900 volts as an alternative. This is a significant element of info due to the fact that it significantly reduces charging times. With the K1, we’re discussing 15 minutes to achieve 10-80% battery capacity.

A double motor arrangement is a given, but not in the usual way – thanks to the Taycan, Porsche has gone a different route when constructing EVs. For instance, the rear electric motor of the Taycan features an actual two-speed gearbox.

As indicated by the study, the K1 will come prepared with double consistently energized synchronous engines with oil cooling for the rotor. That eliminates the requirement for a twofold speed gearbox, intending to decrease the pressing factor on the referenced rotor. Fundamentally, we are dealing with two electric engines with direct drive systems, transferring energy to mechanical locking differentials. The K1 will moreover be furnished with an adjustable air suspension, which alludes to its true potential as an off-roader.

The incessant power production should approximate 650 horsepower, whereas the peak evaluation can be closer to a remarkable 1,000 hp. In a direct course, its forward motion should meet, if not exceed, the standard of a Porsche’s speed.

“When it comes to the design of Porsche’s upcoming K1 SUV, Oliver Blume, the company’s CEO, informed Autocar that it will be a sporty version of an SUV,” Blume said. “This is in line with earlier reports which suggested that the K1 will be a combination of a saloon and a crossover.” Blume continued, “Think Cayenne Coupe, but with a size that is around 20% larger to make room for three rows of seating.”

In roughly 2026 Porsche are predicted to introduce the K1 model as a concept vehicle, set for a much nearer launch date of 2030. Ahead of it, fans of the brand can expect to see the electric edition of the Macan in 2024, alongside the fourth-generation Cayenne in an electrified form. It’s obvious Porsche have already began looking into advanced battery cells, which are now being factored into the timeline of their 918 successor and the Cayenne and K1 with the imminent arrival of high-energy-density batteries. This is causing the car to be postponed by a few years.

Whether the K1 will imitate a Porsche remains to be observed. That said, one cannot forget that Porsche has refutal a great number of cynics previously, particularly when they made a choice to introduce the world’s first-ever Sports Utility Vehicle in 2002.

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