1000-HP 2JZ Toyota Starlet Monster Racer

Covering the Quarter-Mile in 9+ Seconds

The Toyota 2JZ series of 3.0-liter inline-six motors is renowned for its indestructibility, making it an ideal selection for those who insist on pushing the limits of performance. Though they aren’t often seen in front-wheel-drive vehicles, this modified Toyota Starlet packs quite a punch with over 1,000 horses, poignantly demonstrating that it can be done with incredible results.

Even with a fleeting glance, it’s evident that this Starlet and its motor are far from simple. Notably, the body has been extensively extended at the front, and large, polished tires have been almost seamlessly blended into the architecturally flared wheel arches.

The 2JZ motor appears to be the ideal choice between the shock towers. A gargantuan turbo is placed directly in the wake of the engine, and a modest-sized exhaust protrudes from below the hood. The car is equipped with a dogbox gearbox that permits shifts to be made in no time, without making use of the clutch.

Team Ø.G.T from the Kingdom of Denmark have taken possession of this Starlet. For its final competition, they brought it all the way to Malta for the MDRA Finals. This short film brings you its showing at the event, displaying remarkable finesse.

Once regarded as an unlikely hero on the drag strip, this Starlet has certainly proven to be up to the task! Team Ø.G.T’s stunning quarter-mile attempt in Malta ended with the small Toyota recording a blistering 9.123 second time at 169.21 mph (have a look at the timing slip below). Moreover, further runs were accomplished which all recorded times inside the nine-second bracket.

Sources: Mk1Kieran via YouTube, Engine Swap Depot

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