1,000-HP Honda Accord Powering Toyota MR2’s Mission

PTE 6870 Turbo, Quaife 5-Speed Sequential, Double Beadlock Wheels

This Toyota MR2 was specifically designed to eclipse the quarter-mile time of 8.7 seconds and achieve an exit speed of 169 mph. Miraculously, this exact car managed to acquire that record. After having been stored away for a span of two years, the K24 Turbo V2 has come back with a remarkable output of 1,000 horsepower at the wheels.

It is an honorable aspiration, however, it remains some distance away from being the fastest second-generation MR2 ever constructed. Over a year ago, BoostedBoiz created a K24-powered MR2 that pushed out a whopping 1,000 horsepower leading to a stunning performance of 7.982 seconds at a thrilling 181.94 mph.

It seems as if BYP Racing could be on track for setting a landmark. It looks like they may be working towards eventually breaking a record?

The iconic Honda K24, which can be seen in various ancient models of the Honda Accord, is among the most trustworthy engines with stout internals. As a result, equipping it to produce one thousand horses isn’t an unrealistic goal. BYP has set up a PTE 6870 turbocharger generating approximately 35 psi of boost force coupled with a water-air intercooler system. The power is funneled to the rear wheels via Quaife’s five-speed sequential gearbox for lightning-fast gear shifting.

This two-decade-old model was refreshed in 2023 following a prolonged period of inactivity. For lighter weight, a fibreglass body kit has been fitted and 15″ double beadlock wheels wrapped in 275/50/15 MT Street R tires are also mounted to maximise grip.

The physique was given a new paint job to keep it looking brand-new.

The renown of the MR2 is mostly due to its mid-mounted engine, however, outfitting carried out by a Honda alteration technician in Australia produced remarkable changes in the engine compartment and trunk that shifted the load even closer to the posterior tires, thus leading to improved traction. BYP Racing approximates that this auto is estimated to be around 1,066 kg or 2,350 lbs; wet weight being when all fluids are calculated.

It would be fantastic to witness this MR2, originating from Australia, unleash its full power on one of our renowned drag racing arenas in the United States. With the USA having such a notable drag racing past, it could prove to be a spectacular spectacle.

At the moment, the modulator is aiming to reach a sweet spot with its performance in the Motive Drag Competition at the Cootamundra Aerodrome in Australia later in the year.

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