10-Year Slumber Ends: ’79 Camaro Barn Find Does Burnout

Reviving a Camaro for Mischief-Making
BARN FIND 1979 Camaro - Will It Run And Drive After Sitting for Years?

It’s gratifying to witness the second-gen Camaros obtain well-deserved recognition, since they were often overshadowed by their first and third-gen counterparts. Designed by Bill Mitchell in his prime, between the years of 1970 and 1981, these models endured the ever-changing safety and emission standards laid down during that decade. Even though they couldn’t boast the same amount of horsepower as earlier generations, they remain incredibly enjoyable to ride.

Highlighted in Dylan McCool’s YouTube space, this 1979 Chevrolet Camaro is an exemplary find from a barn. After more than 10 years tucked away in a metallic shed, the vehicle was enveloped in dust, animal footprints, and who recognizes what else. Unmoved,McCool extracts the car from its hideaway and loads it onto his trailer.

Stocked with T-tops, this Camaro looks to be in reasonably good shape. Retaining its factory 305 cubic inch small-block V8 engine and appearing unaltered, the next step is to get the automobile running. Upon attaching a new battery, the lights ignite, and the spark plugs give indications of power. Not long after, the Camaro starts up for the first time in ten years.

An indicator that the Camaro is in great shape is the state of its coolant. Not only is the radiator still full, but the fluid itself appears vibrant and new. The next step is to run the vehicle off an auxiliary fuel tank. Following a few attempts, the motor keeps going and runs steadily.

Shortly the Camaro is propelled by its own impetus and is prepared for a brief drive. It’s distant from the point of fully being trusted on the roadway, but still ready for some rowdiness. A couple of doughnuts revolved in the area, succeeded by a quick ride and a smoky burnout manifest that the automobile has ample force.

The 1979 Chevy Camaro is just one of several remarkable garage discoveries we have noticed lately, encompassing this 1979 Ford Mustang Pace Car and the 1977 Oldsmobile 442. Similarly to these autos, this Camaro is excellent to be renovated. Yet still, you may also leave it as it is, give it a bit of maintenance, and take it out for a spin scorching some rubber.

Source: Dylan McCool via YouTube

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