Reborn: Barn Find ’68 Dodge Charger Drives Away

Fully Intact Charger, 1 Owner, Unused for 16 Years
BARN FIND 1968 CHARGER - Will It Run And Drive After Sitting for Years?

Barn discover automobiles are vintage relics. Often times, limited is comprehended regarding the automobile, how it wound up buried away, or why. However at times, there is a narrative that, once discovered, is as great as the vehicle itself. On infrequent occasions, that story line is of an individual owning automobile that is appreciated by the family.

This brings us to the current video of a remarkable 1968 Dodge Charger. Larry, who is celebrating his 80th birthday, is the sole owner of this car which has been unoccupied in a shed for the past 16 years. The 1968 Charger is an unforgettable vehicle due to its iconic allure as well as its part in the film Bullitt. What’s even more interesting is that where this Charger was then located just so happens to be Tennessee, the same place where the Bullitt Mustang was given a new life after being locked away for many years.

This Charger is a real eye-popper in its B5 Blue coat, featuring an attractive vinyl roof, bucket seats, and console. The body amazingly sports a good patina and has miraculously avoided the corrosion that snow can cause. It’s almost too ironic to mention that ironically, the only marks it does have were acquired during two separate snowfall incidents–a small dent at a Dairy Queen parking lot and a scrape from the side of the garage.

Sadly, its proprietor experienced a stroke in 1995, and thenceforth the Charger was stored at an assortment of places – including the outdoors. Up to that point, it had been vigilantly tended to with standard lubrication and servicing. Even after his stroke, the owner would periodically start it running to keep it in working order, fully believing such few repairs would suffice to put it back in driving condition.

With refreshed power, fresh components, and new fuel, the Charger rumbles alive after a long period of inactivity. The attentive upkeep is obvious, as the car still holds a healthy 75 psi of oil pressure at rest. After substituting the tires and reviving the drum brakes, the Charger appears ready to hit the pavements again.

Dylan and his colleagues toiled for 48 hours rejuvenating the Charger, allowing them to hear the iconic burble of the Mopar V8 and supplying immense gratification to the relatives who’ve cherished it across the years.

Source: Dylan McCool via YouTube

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