1.2 Million Miles: Tesla Model S, 14 Motors, 3 Packs

World Record: Highest-Mileage Tesla
The story of the world record Tesla with 1.9 million km and its owner

It is astonishing to think that a Tesla Model S exists, having clocked in an incredible odometer-reading of close to 1.2 million miles! Behold it!

The 2014 Model S P85 has a staggering overall total of 1.18 million miles, meaning 131,000 miles per annum. It’s truly incredible that such an EDV – which has been incorrectly labeled as incapable of being driven long-term – could cover so much ground in a single year! This car utterly shatters notions that EVs are not suited for high-mileage travels and its achievement showcases just how well the charge infrastructure can support these kinds of distances in particular areas around the world.

In 2019, Elon Musk commended Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg for the achievement of owning a Model S which had managed an impressive one million kilometres (621,371 miles) on the clock. Now however, that number has become practically double this amount. An extravagant accomplishment indeed.

The newly-released video above casts light on Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg and his much-ballyhooed Model S. Much detail pertaining to the vehicle had formerly been confined to a few tweets. The team from Watt Energy, who posted the footage, explain: “This inaugural film introduces us to what we hope will be a long and successful project for both of us.” They go on to explain, “We look forward to showing you more of the journey in due course.”

There is, of course, more to this remarkable tale. Gemmingen-Hornberg, you see, had owned a Tesla Roadster before which he’d somehow driven 400k miles, even without the necessary infrastructure at the time. Therefore, when the Model S was released, he immediately decided to make it his new car; not a new one, though – he got a second hand 2014 edition that had only 18,641 miles on its clock.

Certain early Tesla Model Ss have been known to have issues with their back motors. This certain Tesla experienced this issue. The rear motor was changed a total of fourteen times in the duration of about 1.2 million miles, if we include its original motor.

A vast volume of the swapped-out motors were in fact reconditioned units, presenting the issue that Tesla had not determined the exact difficulty, thus incapacitating them to efficaciously resolve the engines. Several of these replaced motors soon failed. With some being under warranty, while others lacked such an agreement.

As per the power supply of the vehicle, it kind of did better than its motor. This particular Model 3 has seen three battery packs changing at an odometer reading of 1.2 million miles, thus delivering an average lifespan of approximately 400,000 miles and still counting, that we can clearly opine is a great performance.

Gemmingen-Hornberg contemplates he drives his Model S in a relaxed fashion. He does not undertake long journeys without allowing the car and his own body some respite. He approximates only covering 62 miles each stint, before stopping for rest.

With relation to running out and replenishing the battery, the Model S proprietor claims he intends to recharge it when it goes down to 20 percent. He does not completely drain the battery and also abstains from topping it up.

The exterior and interior of the car have held up admirably. Regrettably, he neglects to elaborate on other items that experience wear and tear, such as brakes, tires, and so forth.

To begin with, the owner of the Model S is retired and has taken to travelling the world in their car. Having already explored Africa, Morocco, Sweden, Austria and China in the vehicle, the individual appears willing to undertake further expeditions. It transpires that they have even let go of their reservation for a Lucid Air to allow the Model S to amass even more mileage.

Do you drive an electric vehicle that has clocked a lot of miles? Then why not share your experience in the comments section below? Let us know what it’s been like to have an automobile with a high mileage EV!


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