$130K 180HP Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Order Now: Act Quickly!

Dodge has opened the ordering process for their fantastic Challenger SRT Demon 170, which is the ultimate edition to commemorate the close of the muscle car period for the corporation owned by Stellantis.

This is by far not just a typical last rendition, and most certainly not a normal extra form. The Brotherhood of Muscle has gone to notable lengthiness to concoct a rolling paramount. Featuring 1,025 horsepower, 945 lb-ft of torque, and an NHRA-certified quarter-mile time of 8.91 seconds, this is one of the quickest vehicles affordable.

Costing a whopping $96,666 and having a forecast of up to 3,000 units accessible in the USA, automobile aficionados will be scurrying to try the driving experience. Therefore, if you are looking to have one, then this is what you need to do.

Using the Horsepower Locator website, prospective purchasers can pinpoint a retailer with SRT Demon 170 stock and arrange their purchase. Time is of the essence in this case, as these items will not be up for grabs indefinitely.

Once you’ve identified a car that’s available, customers will need to reach out to a dealer to discuss and potentially make their order. Buyers have until May 15, 2023, to make their order and submit a customer acknowledgment letter that has been notarized. Dodge states that orders that have been certified sold at the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) “will receive priority scheduling.”

It is undeniable that Dodge will insist owners know the SRT Demon 170 isn’t only a common performance vehicle, but astonishingly powerful. The tyres are allowable for everyday traveling however cannot be acquitted in chillier temperatures or on humid roads.

Owing to an SRT Experience course, owners will gain the capacity to control their 1,025 horses with knowledge and efficiently.

It is to be desired that the treat of purchasing the remarkable vehicle would not be corrupted by profiteering retailers and their so-called cost alterations. Sadly, this does not seem likely.

Dodge has stated that only “not more than 3,300” examples of their new vehicle will be produced, as the total volume could be impacted by component availability and production capacity. Of this total, 3,000 units are slated for the United States, with 300 reserved for Canada.

If you are fortunate enough to have a 2018 Challenger SRT Demon already tucked away in your garage, Dodge allows you to pair the final four digits of the Demon170’s Vehicle Identification Number with your own original ’18 Demon. This is the company’s most swiftest-ever vehicle and it comes complete with various commemorative extras, among them a demon 170 decanter set, vehicle maintenance items from Jay Leno’s Garage, and a whole lot more.

Unlike other Challenger models, the Demon 170 isn’t featured on Dodge’s corporate website. Though, a tailored configurator on dodgegarage.com grants fans who covet the automobile with the ability to create a customized rendition of the vehicle according to their preference.

There is a selection of 14 external tints options at hand; out of them, White Knuckle, Black Knight and Tor Red are free. For those who want something extra, Granite, Destroyer Grey, Triple Nickel, F8 Green, B5 Blue, Frostbite and Plum Crazy can be acquired for a minimal charge of $95. Those desiring more daring hues, namely Sinamon Stick, Go Mango, Sublime and Octane Red, will be adept to obtain them for a cost of $395.

Dodge grants you a selection of designs for the exterior. For only $1,995, you can choose to have the hood presented in Satin Black painting. This splendid look can further be acquired for the back and roof, yet you will have to expend an extra cost of $1,700.

Typically, the Demon 170 contains forged aluminum rims of a five-spoke structure. However, those seeking maximum performance can purchase a two-part carbon fiber wheel for an added cost of $11,495. This makes it one of the most expensive options available.

The purpose of Dodge’s plan is to cut the weight by stripping out the interior and leaving only essentials. Therefore, purchasers receive two speakers for audio, cloth chairs that are lightweight, as well as a passenger/rear seat removal. If this is not up to your taste preferences, there are elective packages which sacrifice weight reduction in lieu of every day convenience.

For under two grand, you can kit out your ride to let others know how powerful the V8 is. For less than six grand, add on extras as heated/ventilated front seats, a complete speaker system with surround sound, and driver-oriented assists, plus get Demonic Red leather at no extra charge with the Premium Package.

The list of optional amenities encompasses a power sunroof ($9,995), Demoniac Red safety harnesses (just $395), a cargo area styling kit ($295), and GPS navigation ($995).

Skim through the selections methodically, and one can garner that the Demon 170 is liable to come with a breathtaking price tag of $129,926. It is important to be cognizant of the fact that this figure doesn’t encompass any additional expenses or delivery costs. Undeniably, this is an enormous arithmetical amount for a car, but this most last-minute Dodge muscle automobile will assuredly remain a revered asset and affirm its worth enduringly.

We hope that those who have acquired these cars won’t simply leave them gathering dust with the expectations of making a fortune from them in the future. After all, these rides were intended to be savoured, not hoarded for financial gain.

It is a rewarding yet melancholy experience for Dodge aficionados. The carmaker has earnestly devoted itself to an electrified future; without doubt, the cars of tomorrow shall have some degree of electronic capacities. Yes, the famed V8 will persist, but unfortunately it can no longer be found in muscle automobiles.

The Demon version 170 was really worth awaiting for and constitutes the ideal send-off for a genuine automotive celebrity.

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