Upgrades for Challenger Demon: Parachute!

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If you’re not living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of Dodge’s ultimate Last Call model; the Demon 170. This 1,025-hp street-legal dragster blazes through 8 second races fueled by E85 and can pull off wheelies with ease – the ultimate adieu to Hemi-powered muscle cars from Dodge.

You would assume that the majority of people would think a 6.2-L V8 with a 3.0-L supercharger paired together would be enough, given its 1,025 horsepower generated at 6,500 revolutions per minute and 945 lb-ft of torque spawned at 4,200 rpm, harnessing ecologically-friendly E85 fuel.

The hottest version of the Dodge Challenger will possess the opportunity to be tailored through Dodge’s Direct Connection performance parts. As of now, power enhancements have not been mentioned but the initial personalizations solutions it features can already make a tremendous difference to an already superb vehicle.

It is essential to begin with a necessary component: the Goodwool breathable automotive shell, which ensures the exterior is properly defended while still permitting glimpses of the outer styling. Understandably, since the Demon 170 is not an ordinary vehicle, it is likely to stay in its parking spot for long periods. This shield precisely replicates the external look, encompassing even the SRT and Demon emblems.

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) substantiated the Demon 170’s quarter-mile time of 8.91 seconds. Soon after, they prohibited the Demon 170 from participating in NHRA competitions due to a lack of a roll cage or brakes. As any motorcar that achieves a distance of less than 10 seconds must be furnished with a safety cage, the precedent Demon not having the 170 title was also disallowed.

Whilst a roll cage is not an achievable choice (and would never be due to its legality for street vehicles), Dodge may get you almost there. Direct Connection will offer a deployment system for parachutes, which we’d keep in place just to give other people a start!

A thrilling new safety feature is the installation of a five-point motor racing restraint attached to a harness bar. If you opt for this addition, the rear chairs will be eliminated and swapped with some carbon fibre emblems bearing Dodge’s Rhombus symbol.

Once you have a parachute mounting point and a harness bar installed, you can move on to attaining an auto that is rightly suited for the NHRA drag racing. Third-party companies offer a variety of roll cages specifically designed for the Challenger ranging in cost from a relatively affordable $2,000 for a simpler hoop to a pricier, but more reliable one at $4,000.

Considering the large sum Dodge has placed into Direct Connection, we wouldn’t be amazed to note a security cage potentially becoming obtainable in the near future (at the cost of its legality for public roads). Already purchasable is a stripped-out body kit equipped with an NHRA-accredited roll cage.

You can add a sunroof option to your vehicle for a price of ten thousand dollars.

The final options available for the Challenger SRT Demon 170 include its street wheel and tire package. Dodge has yet to reveal what this package entails, but they assure that it provides the “highest level of street driving characteristics” in comparison to the vehicle’s standard drag radials. The standard wheel and tire package on the Demon 170 consists of 315/50 R17 Mickey Thompson ET Street R drag radials at the rear and 245/55 R18 ET Street front tires from MT. Although these tires are street legal, you must sign a waiver acknowledging that in cold or wet conditions, they may be ineffective for driving on the road, and Dodge will not be held liable for any crashes. However, these tires are also speed limited to 168 mph.

The optional bundle will contain a novel selection of road-specific tires, which might upsurge the peak speed to 215 mph.

Customers may opt to substitute their standard wheels for a composite set of aluminum and carbon varieties featuring a carbon fiber rim combined with an aluminum center, leading to decreased unsprung wheel mass substantially.

Price ranges have yet to be unveiled, but we anticipate the choices to become accessible on the Direct Connection webpage as soon as the ban lifts.

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