Cost of Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 Sunroof: $10,000?

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The astronomical cost of the sunroof option on the all-new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is evidence that Dodge knows it counteracts what this speedster was built to do. Therefore, as a strategy, they made the sunroof premium exceedingly costly in hopes of disenchanting prospective buyers.

Just recently revisiting the Demon 170 configuration menu, one thing became quite clear–the power sunroof carried an eye-popping price tag of $9,995. That same feature for the Challenger SRT Super Stock is only cost-prohibitive at a much more reasonable rate of $1,295. This prompts a rapid increase of 672% in the Demon’s sunroof pricing. Consequently, the total cost of the Demon 170 beginning from the starting price of $96,666, soon races off into six-digits.

To give an idea of the nearly-$10k cost in comparison, Porsche – renowned for its expensive add-ons – will just ask for $2K from you for a ‘powered tilt/slide sunroof’ on the 911 Carrera model, that commences at a price tag of $114.4K.

“The 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is the most powerful muscle car on the planet and has been engineered to ensure optimal performance,” Dodge stated to Jalopnik when discussing the price of the sunroof. “It goes against the spirit of the vehicle to offer a sunroof, but we are making it an option for those who truly want one. If a customer opts for the sunroof, they should be prepared to pay a hefty price for it.”

Despite this opinion, Dodge may have found that a considerable portion of Challenger purchasers checked the box for a sunroof and was unwilling to exclude such a sought-after feature altogether. Moreover, when you are already spending close to $100,000 on a car, an additional ten grand hardly makes much difference.

Although it has not been confirmed, Dodges prefers that the maximum potential of its model: The 170, is displayed in all its manifestations when purchased from the dealership. This means that a sunroof, although an adorned feature, may detract from the full power performance of this car.

Adding a sunroof to a car can result in the vehicle weighing an extra 30 pounds. This might not sound like a substantial amount but it causes more weight to be concentrated at the upper portion of the automobile. This could then affect how the car handles since the center of gravity would be higher. Furthermore, when the sunroof is opened it disturbs airflow and increases drag, which are undesired features for the Demon 170.

Once you consider the sunroof, other alternatives, and the shipment cost, the Demon 170 will tack on around $130,000. Still, when taking its output into account, this is still perceived as quite a deal. The 0-60 mark can be achieved in 1.66 seconds – an intimidating time – and completing the quarter mile will take under nine seconds; incredible feats that may never again be trumped by another street-legal car that runs on petrol.

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