1,500-HP Viper Drifting & Doing a Wheelie

Dean Kearney: World’s Most Powerful Drifter

The Dodge Viper carries the distinction of being one of the most risky vehicles on the planet, posing a unique challenge for even the most professional of motorsport racers. Yet, notorious cars like these hold no fear for Formula Drift Pro driver Dean Kearney who always seems willing to test the boundaries.

On the most recent edition of YouTube’s Drift HQ, Kearney gave Adam LZ a look at his HyperNFT Dodge Viper, which he uses for competing in the series. As the 43-year-old racer reportedly stated, the vehicle is considered as the strongest drifting automobile on the planet, delivering a roar that could reach up to 1,800 horsepower. In some conditions, yet, the maximum power level is decreased to between 1,000 to 1,300 hp, all depending on the racing surface.

Notably, thus far this is not the most powerful rendering of a Dodge Viper. Credit for that goes to Calvo Motorsports, where the coupe was modified to achieve a remarkable 3,000 hp performance.

Twin Turbo Drift Viper Vs. The LZ Compound | Behind the Build

The impressive power originates from an 8.3-liter V10 motor, supplemented with a twin Garrett turbo setup. In order to meet the preference of the driver, they weighted distribution modifications were made, which eventually yielded a 48.8/51.2 front-to-rear ratio. Apart from this, Kearney noted the extensive process carried out on the suspension system, indicating an abundance of money and time was necessary for its completion.

Making a stop at the LZ compound wouldn’t be complete without going for some drifts. Kearney went out first, maintaining his level of composure whilst driving. However when it was time for Adam to have his go, the drive-shaft snapped straight away. After resolving the issue, he took the car for a spin that saw him propelling with more hope, sliding vigorously like he’d stolen it. One instance even showed the front wheel lifting off the surface while it maneuvered a violent slant.

Kearney said the Dodge Viper isn’t the most economical way to get into the drifting world. He proposed the Honda S2000 as a viable option, noting that it “feels identical, just a bit smaller.” For those who might want more power, he recommended an LS swap for the two-seater Japanese Domestic Market vehicle.

Following an exhilarating stint at the LZ location, the upcoming destination for Kearney is the fourth leg of the 2021 FD competition to be held in Englishtown, NJ from June 22nd to the 24th.

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