1,800-HP Electric Mustang: Redefining Drag Racing

Ford Performance’s Electric Drag Cars: Will 1800+ HP be Achieved?

Ford Performance recently used Twitter to tease the public about their new electric version of the Ford Mustang drag racer. From the video, it is evident that this electric car is much more powerful than anything else that the Blue Oval has ever produced. The short clip displays a close-up of a spinning wheel before showing off crucial details such as its wheelie bars, parachute, bits of the rear fascia and, most importantly, its brand badge.

Timing one’s breather correctly will demonstrate this EV resembles a Mustang two-door coupled with the memorable lettering of Super Cobra Jet 1800.

Ahead of its launch, anticipation for an impending upgrade is building. Taking things to the next level, this advancement is scheduled to drop on April 13th. Get ready to have your expectations exceeded! #BigThingsAhead

The moniker of Cobra Jet is not unknown to those devoted to the Dearborn vehicle maker, yet it has only just recently started denoting electrifying prowess. Last July, Ford presented their one-of-a-kind Mustang Mach-E 1400 with 1,400-bhp as a demonstration of how exciting electricity can be, then shortly thereafter, the inaugural all-electric Cobra Jet got here.

The initial Cobra Jet was “christened” with the designation ‘1400’ at the back, signifying its immense power of over 1,400 horsepower. This was enough to enable a quarter-mile dash that clocked in at the low 8 seconds.

If our eyes don’t deceive us, and that back insignia does in fact spell out ‘1800’, then we’re about to experience a giant that should easily beat the Rimac Nevera at the drag racing circuit.

The Mustang Mach-E 1400 and the Cobra Jet 1400 were essentially mere prototypes intended to demonstrate the capabilities of electric performance. It is anticipated that this new Super Cobra Jet 1800 will also be used predominantly as a promotional device.

It is certainly intriguing that Ford has apparently made the determination to found this new electric vehicle on the 6th-gen Mustang, contrary to the S650 which has delivered a drift-compatible version.

It appears likely that Ford will make clearer why they have done this and disclose extra information as the unveiling draws nearer.

On the subject of it, should you not desire to forfend the most modern about this electrical drag competitor, ensure to watch in on April 13th when the all-inclusive demonstration will be broadcast.

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