1992 Honda Civic Hatchback: A North American Time Capsule

’90s Honda Civic: 7 Miles – Like New!

Honda holds a renown past, with the Civic as having originated as their stand-out success in America. Of all its models throughout the decades, the nineties vehicles remain as the favorite among followers and car customizers. Possessing such remarkable quality, imagine the pleasure of these devotees in seeing this unequalled 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback, owning an impressive seven miles on the odometer!

HondaPro Jason, a well-renowned and passionate Honda admirer on YouTube, had the honour of interviewing Dylan Sharpe – the proprietor of this marvellous discovery. What makes it especially unusual is that it incorporates a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) reading as 0001, which declares that it was the first of its kind to come to North America.

I Found the 1st Honda Civic EG Hatchback VIN 0001 & with ONLY 7 Miles!

The clip divulges that this example is the DX version of the Civic Hatchback, being its most basic variant existing in the Canadian market. However, it’s anything but rudimentary as it’s missing important amenities such as an air conditioner and the mirror on the right side, facts which were not unprecedented for vintage automobiles. Moreover, smaller steel wheels are there too.

Why the low mileage? The Civic had been used as an exercise for technicians and engineers to hone their capabilities. Sharpe noticed how intuitive and purposeful the engineering was beneath the hood, with each part carefully designed and effortlessly accessible.

Noteworthy, there was no disclosure of how and when Sharpe obtained this car, nor its price tag.

For those interested, the 1992 Honda Civic possesses a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that has 16 valves and is naturally aspirated, which renders 102 horsepower. Such power output contrasts noticeably with the present base model Honda Civic engine’s capacity to muster up 158 horsepower. Corresponding to this motor is a five-speed manual transmission.

Every person is cognizant that even dated Honda Civics can fetch a hefty amount of money, and this immaculate instance would surely live up to those expectations. Before you start liquidating all your Bitcoin holdings and signing up for another mortgage, bear in mind that the vehicle is not put on the market – except if the offer is suitable because, as the owner proclaims, he never anticipates seeing it again once it has been sold off.

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