20 Word Title: Next-Gen Muscle Car: Dodge Hornet Sedan Rendering

The Hornet Stings: A Dodge Muscle Car Concept

Despite its impressive capabilities, the 2024 Dodge Hornet cannot substitute for the great void left by the famed Charger. Through our special preview, we have manipulated the attributes of the Hornet and added them to the outline of the classic 4-door Charger.

Consequently, the result is a Hornet that promises to preserve the future of the Dodge muscle car beyond 2024 and–revealing here–this version has been outfitted with a V8 engine. This is no ordinary motor however; it is powered by Hellcat–the supercharged motor famously behind the remarkable Dodge Charger. The new Dodge Hornet has never looked better, and Dodge has all the elements required to execute this vision. Have a peek at our exclusive render video to catch a glimpse!

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