2020 Porsche Cayenne Interior: Preview Before April 18 Launch

Three Screens Spanning Dashboard: Buy Now!

The brand-new 2024 Porsche Cayenne is scheduled to be unveiled on April 18; however, the company has now provided a magnificent sneak peek into its newly redesigned interior. It appears to starkly differ from the current model (as depicted in the screenshot below).

The completely reimagined Cayenne boasts a 12.6-inch digital instrument panel clad in a curved glass display, replacing the existing analog tachometer located in the heart of the cluster. The driver is able to select from up to seven configurable views, catering to their special needs. One of which involves a simplified design with predominantly essential details, as well as an option for Porsche’s typical five-circle presentation.

A proportionate, 12.3-inch screen is the focal point of the dashboard. Utilizing Siri voice commands, you have the ability to carry out vehicle operations. The benefit of being online connected provides a navigation system that comes standard with the vehicle. Furthermore, when parked, occupants can watch shows on the display.

Beneath the giant display, there is a modern control board for the HVAC system that has an opaque glass structure on top of a black background. Through utilizing touch recognition with tactile feedback, manipulation of the interface is made simple. Furthermore, the system features physical button controls and a rotary dial beneath them for adjusting volume.

A cooled inductive charging mat is included as standard. Additionally, two USB-C ports are located in the front storage section and two more are situated on the back middle console.

The brand new HVAC control construction and loading station signify that the transmission isn’t in a position to dwell in that place like with the original Cayenne model. The creators move it to a small protrusion on the right side of the steering wheel, sandwiched between the instrument cluster and the infotainment display.

The all-new steering wheel maintains a style inspired by the current 911. The horizontal spokes are furnished with multifunctional controls, permitting you to toggle between the instrument cluster and optional head-up display. Additionally, a stalk for cruise control operation is located on the bottom left side, while a dial for swapping drive modes is found on the right side.

An optional 10.9-inch display is attainable on the right side of the dashboard. This provides those in the cabin with power over the navigation system and media playback. Moreover, the unit can broadcast films while the Cayenne is motoring, and a filter hinders the driver from becoming distracted.

The 2024 Cayenne will come stocked with a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 packing 349 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque as standard. The S variant will be equipped with a twin-turbo V8 production up to 468 hp and 442 lb-ft. For the E-Hybrid PHEV, the figures stand at 463 hp and 479 lb-ft – plus, it will offer a bigger battery capacity measuring 25.9 kilowatt-hours in contrast to present 17.9 kWh. To top it off, an even more powerful Turbo S E-Hybrid will also be available soon.

Source: Porsche

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