Porsche Rethinks Cayenne with Taycan Dash and 911 Tiller

Fully Digital Instrument Cluster, 911 Wheel & More

The completely revamped Porsche Cayenne will launch worldwide on the 18th of April, initiating an ad campaign which features a notable visualisation and control layout.

The Porsche Driver Experience involves an entirely digital 12.6-inch instrument that forgoes the iconic central analog tachometer. It marks the first time a traditional ICE Porsche has omitted this classic feature, so it will be intriguing to observe how enthusiasts respond to this alteration. Rather than the tach, the core of the display now presents the driver’s axis, while the most crucial readings are clustered near the steering wheel. Per Porsche, this results in an even more captivating driving experience.

Depending on the trim selection, the vehicle offers up to seven displays. The first of these is a fundamental layout which provides the essentials, plus a classic choice that changes the presentation into an electronic version of the timeless five-circle gauge setup. Furthermore, the operator can override the format and make either the rev counter, navigation system, or evening vision the main focus.

Attached, you will find a picture of the aging interior so that a direct comparison can be made between them.

The reworked interior adopts much of the aesthetics from the Porsche Taycan. Along with a newly designed, freestanding digital display gauge, the Cayenne also secures the state-of-the-art steering wheel that was adopted from the 911 vehicle. In addition, its center console has been remodeled.

Porsche relocated the transmission selector from its customary place, mounting it over the dashboard beside the guiding wheel. Consequently, this created enough space to feature a large air conditioning interface in a blackish glass façade on the central console. This is also accompanied by a separate adjustment know for volume, which should be ubiquitous in each vehicle produced.

The Taycan has lent an extra function: an optional display for occupants in the front seat, which permits various functions to be operated without altering the picture on the main interior infotainment display. While seemingly insignificant, this provides the driver with the capacity to keep the navigation display active while the passenger in the front locates the right song for any given situation.

Passengers can also access and watch media with the help of a unique display filter to prevent the driver from taking sight of it. Entertainment comes through Screenhits TV for streaming purposes. While the car is stationary, streaming towards the center console is feasible.

The stylish steering wheel, taken from the infamous 911 model, is not only aesthetically inviting but also highly functional. New additions such as the driving mode selector, controls for the optional head-up display and a toggle button for in-cluster designs all come fitted on the newly adapted wheel.

Sitting at the heart of it is a 12.3-inch screen encasing the Porsche Communication Management. It administers different driving and convenience functions, including route-finding and the customary interconnection abilities.

The contemporary interior is not just concerning innovation, yet rather Porsche argues the modern tidy overall look increases a sensation of spaciousness. If you take a closer look, you can observe that the air vents are devoid of louvers, thus simplifying the style even further.

Innovative new features come in the shape of a wireless charger with a cooling system. Thanks to this, its power output reaches 15 watts. Apple’s Siri can now be employed to control numerous vehicle specs, and four USB-C ports are available – two in the front and two at the back. All of these USB sockets can provide fast charging capabilities – great news for adolescents, who will undoubtedly be appreciative!

Whilst Porsche calls it a facelift, in reality the upcoming Cayenne is practically a new car. Upon launch there will be three plug-in hybrid varieties as well as a fresh chassis.

It’s clear to see that there is a significant amount of importance placed upon this facelift. This will be the ultimate version of the ICE-powered Cayenne before it moves to the Modular PPE Platform and transforms into a fully electric vehicle in the year 2026. A year after that, Porsche is planning to introduce a brand new all-electric halo SUV, which will stand higher than the Cayenne range.

It would appear the only model potentially to take advantage of Porsche’s innovative synthetic gasoline initiative is the 911, which appears rightful since the German carmaker aims for an 80/20 distribution between Electric Vehicles and Internal Combustion Engines.

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