2023: 11 Stellantis Zombie Cars Sold

Sports Cars: The Dodge Viper and More

As 2023 draws to a close, automobile manufacturers are assessing the success of their sales performance over the year, and Stellantis’s report paints an intriguing picture: shockingly, there were nearly a dozen models that had been retired which still managed to be sold as new in the prior twelvemonth.

When a freshly created yet terminated model does not move within the twelve months it was created or commanded, this occurs. Once it is eventually sold, it is part of that year’s sales report, and come 2023, various discontinued lines of models were obtained by customers across the nation.

It was undeniably interesting; not one, but two Dodge Vipers were present.

This article mentioned one example of the Alfa Romeo 4C, most likely the unique variant publicized last year as the 4C Designer’s Cut. It is projected that the 4C will be revitalized by the close of the decade, yet it will reappear as an electrical vehicle.

As we delve further into the vehicles of Alfa Romeo, 28 units of the Fiat 124 Spider (a Mazda Miata variation) were sold last year in Italy. Additionally, 16 copies of the classic Fiat 500 were procured as brand new. Incredibly, even seven of the dreaded Fiat 500Ls were purchased as well.

In an unexpected move, Jeep has sold a single example of the Patriot – a model not seen at dealerships since 2017. That same year also saw Chrysler 200 production end; however, four of them were sold in the previous year in addition to two Town & Countrys, three Dodge Darts, 27 Dodge Caravans and 36 Dodge Journeys.

The sales report for 2024 looks disappointment, as the Charger and Challenger – together with their numerous other platform partners – come to an inevitable conclusion. Nonetheless, that could be viewed as an opportunity to bring up ‘zombie cars’ yet again in 2025.

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