Alfa Romeo F1 Return: Inevitable.

Italian Auto Project Accomplished — For Now.

This weekend’s Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix will signify the final participation of Alfa Romeo in the sport, though their CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, leaves open the possibility of a return. For the uninitiated, the Italian brand pledged six seasons to begin from 2018 and declared that it has entirely accomplished its purpose.

“After six seasons, it’s time to assess the impact,” said Imparato. “F1 has been an incredible international platform for Alfa Romeo, a rewarding human and sporting experience that has allowed us to showcase our products and gain a great return on investment. It has also served as an effective strategic global marketing tool for Alfa Romeo.”

Enthusiasm and devotion for the brand emanate from its renowned motorsport history, and this narrative still has some neglected chapters.

“Alfa Romeo has competition in its DNA and will return to thrill its fans as soon as possible, when the conditions are right,” declared Imparato. He and Alfa Romeo Head of Strategic Projects Cristiano Fiorio both highlighted the marketing advantages of this project, with Fiorio adding that the production of the Giulia GTA and GTAm was “the result of an intense synergy in the development of carbon components with an aerodynamic impact,” noting that Alfa Romeo has profited immensely from Sauber Technology’s more than 50 years of knowledge and experience.

This Sunday’s dramatic season end is upon us, and Alfa Romeo aspires to exit with a bang. Driving the C43 proudly draped in livery branding the number six, they lead Haas by four points and trail similarly insignificant AlphaTauri by only five. The latter will be subject to an amusing metamorphosis come 2024.

According to Imparato, the success of the F1 venture is not restricted to just racing successes; though it would be delightful to wrap said project up in a victorious manner with points for both respective vehicles. In spite of this, if Alfa Romeo are so content with the F1 undertaking, why cease it?

While Formula One racing has certainly enhanced Alfa Romeo’s worldwide profile, being a part of it still comes at a substantial expense. Reportedly, according to RTR Sports, sponsoring an F1 team annually requires between one and fifty million dollars. Meaning that, for them to run as a title sponsor solely, Alfa Romeo needed to fork out a multiple seven-figure sum to cover the expenditure. Thus, withdrawing from the competition results in considerable savings, yet people will continue to associate the business with sophistication and excellence due to their recent releasing of the 33 Stradale earlier this year.

Now is the moment for Alfa to prioritize broadening their investment portfolio, and it requires timely action. Earlier this year May 2021, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares created a timeline of ten years for Alfa and Chrysler to demonstrate their worthiness. Aspirations are high that Alfa’s future EV models will bring them triumph in order for them to reclaim a spot on the famous Formula 1 race track. In fact, not having the leading marque that launched Enzo Ferrari’s career sounds quite sorrowful.

Audi is set to assume command of the Sauber Formula One organization from 2026. What is in store for Sauber in two years’ time remains to be seen.

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